Mortal Online 2

Save 40% on Mortal Online 2 for the Steam Summer Sale!

July 5, 2022

Greetings Mortals,

Mortal Online 2 is now on a huge sale of 40% off for the steam store summer sale until July 7th 2022!

Now is a great time to pick up the game, dive into Nave and prepare for the next content patch just around the corner which will introduce a whole new school of magic; Necromancy!

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Along with Necromancy comes a new encounter that takes the trophy of biggest boss in the game, a brand new dungeon full of mystery and intrigue to uncover, the first batch of in world lore notes that have been littered throughout Nave for observant players to discover, and a long list of bug fixes, quality of life tweaks and polish.

Become a Master of Death with Necromancy!

To be a Necromancer is to master death itself.

Control a horde of undead servants to do your bidding, craft abominations made of interconnected corpses through rituals, syphon blood from your enemies and ride a death steed that never hungers.

Necromancers thrive by controlling the dead, draining the life from their foes and leaving disease and pestilence in their wake.

Necromancy is also the first school of magic that allows full mobility while casting, allowing players to run and cast at the same time.

See you in Nave,

Star Vault Development Team

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