Mortal Online 2

Stress test day 1 report

November 28, 2020

Update regarding the start of our stress test.  28 November

We are happy to announce that we have had a great start to our stress test and have begun going through some of the data we have collected.

We are still aiming to get close to 5000 players in one node but did not reach that number due to simply having too few players logging in at the same time. We had close to 40k keys sent out and about half of them have entered the game since we started the event. We managed to peak at around 2000 players during the first day.

The good news are that we didn’t run into a cap on our end, the bad part is, we still don’t know our cap in a real scenario on one node. Please note this does not mean this is the cap for the whole of Myrland, the final setup will use multiple nodes to handle the data, this is the testing of a single node.

During the start of the stream I spent my time in Bakti, the town that had the most players all at a very short distance from each other which did affect fps on everyone in that area, with that said, it was still playable with a OK fps on higher hardware specs. We have a lot of optimization left to do on the environment but especially characters, so the character performance should improve greatly over time. This was not the focus of the current stress test, but it gave us a lot of good information on what we should focus on first when it comes to optimization of players. Having almost 800 players in the small Bakti area was quite impressive. 

The main issue we ran into was during the first hours when most players logged in to create a char which directly showed us a bottleneck in this process, this resulted in some login and queue issues. Sebastian jumped on it and has solved the apparent main issues and will further monitor these systems.

During the stress test while I was streaming for 13 hours without a single server crash, the stability of the server is way beyond what we expected. We had a blast following this process and answering questions in the stream and we will have a ton of valuable data for us to analyze and go through on Monday.

// Henrik Nyström

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