Mortal Online 2

Beta Patch Notes

November 26, 2020


  • Added LOD’s to capes and banners.
  • Added dynamic detail scalability to characters and creatures. Body physics, cloth simulation, shadows, motion blur, fur and some animation details are now turned down or off based on distance.
  • Added contact shadows to characters when they are nearby.
  • New emotes. Type /emote in local chat.
  • You can now gather Rye, Water, Common Reedmace and Malus Fruit.


  • AI now gets a little bit of HP when leaving mercy mode.
  • Optimization run on main server.
  • Optimization run on login server.
  • Optimization run on AI.
  • Optimized all spawners.
  • Reduced server cost of creating characters.
  • Reduced server cost of logging in.
  • Improved system that decides what data is important for players to get.
  • Overall optimization for skills and items being created on the server and the client.
  • You can now only have one item in each extraction tool.
  • Extraction and refining windows now close upon successfully starting an extraction.
  • Slightly better arrow sync.
  • Adjusted the Arrow gravity.
  • Changed so that the visual arrow is used to determine direction for the arrow when released.
  • Increased world shadow resolution on Maximum shadow setting.
  • Improved CPU performance in multiple systems.
  • Polished Springbok animations.


  • Refining UI now handles right clicks better.
  • Crash in skill window.
  • All spawners now correctly save.
  • Issues with players seeing nudity in the character creation even when nudity was off.
  • Issue with purple weapons showing up in character select.
  • Issue that caused Equip hits to stop swings.
  • Players no longer spawn before they have finished loading the world on their end. They now appear just as the loading screen fades out.
  • Client will no longer time out during a long loading sequence. Login happens after loading the world.
  • Chat command /time now displays the correct time of day. (it was off by half an hour or so)
  • Players now enter the game looking in the same direction as when they left.
  • Players now appear properly in combat mode after being loaded.
  • Dead players that are moving around in ether world no longer drip visible blood on the ground.
  • Game no longer crashes on exit. It should also not get stuck as a background process any longer.
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