Mortal Online 2

Patch Notes – Krampos is Here!

December 20, 2023

What's New?

  • Krampos is back in Tindrem for the holidays and is sharing free raffle bags. Find the burned building in Tindrem and grab some bags for the chance to get something unique for this event.
  • Added new points of interest.
  • Added buildable bridges over some rivers.
  • Added NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency and DLSS Frame Generation to the game settings for supported GPUs.

Movement and Combat

  • Increase stamina gained on parries up to 15 (previously 10).
  • Parrying with a shield no longer grants stamina.
  • Fixed a few bugs where you would permanently block until doing another block. For example doing a block and opening a chest would get the player stuck in a block state.

Mounts and Pets

  • Multiple changes were made in an attempt to solve the “player gets launched into the air on dismount”bug. This bug is tricky to reproduce on demand and we had to use player recordings to figure out the cause. Please send a bug report if you still experience the issue after this patch.

Flags and Standing

  • Fixed a bug allowing you to loot players you were dueling.
  • Fixed issue for players who logged out as murderers would still be considered murderers upon login, even if they were below an updated minimum required murdercounts.
  • Fixed pets attacking murderers not turning the pet & owner local gray.

Tasks and Bounty Hunting

  • Removed the different bounty tiers.
  • You will now get a completely random murderer within a set distance around you. Previously the bounty tiers only allowed you to pull a bounty within a certain murder count range for each tier.
  • Slightly increased the range which you can pull a bounty from.
  • Updated Hunter task pools for each town to be more regional.
  • You will no longer be eligible for the “Quick Execution” bonus reward of tasks upon death.
  • Fixed bug causing you to gain progress for nonboss tasks if you also had a boss task and someone else got the last hit.

Guilds and Territory Control

  • Fixed an issue that caused the territory of a keep to reset when upgrading its tier.
  • Fixed an issue where Tier2 and Tier3 Guard Towers wouldn’t aggro criminals correctly at all times.
  • Fixed issue with blue TC priests blocking some players from being resurrected. They were checking for a positive standing even if they did not have a nation themselves.

Buildables, Houses and Territory Control Structures

  • Buildings which are still under construction now have their defence scale properly based on how fully built they are. Buildings are now much more vulnerable before they have been fully constructed. After a building has reached 100% health, its defence will stay at 100% until it is destroyed.
  • Fixed a strange texture on Keeps that switched appearance when far away.
  • Fixed issue where some roads were not blocking placement of buildings. Players could for example place buildings on the roads outside Fabernum and the Colored Forest.
  • Fixed an issue causing some buildings to be allowed to be placed too close to other buildings.

Server and Networking

  • Fixed a node crash related to AI targeting behavior.
  • Fixed issue with friend names not correctly working.

Characters, AI and NPCs

  • Sators now have ranged spit attacks.
  • Risars can now use bows when needed.
  • Tweaked Ambush spawners.
  • Decreased the spawn timer for Walking Dead General.
  • Fixed issue where switching between two identical armor parts, but with different materials, would not update the visual mesh. For example switching between a leather and wool part of the same type would update the stats but not what you see on the character.
  • Fixed issue where pet equipment would get artifacts when switching between two different types. For example switching between small and large bags on a bear would leave texture artifacts.
  • Fixed an issue where Forest trolls sometimes spawned on top of trees.

Items and Trinkets

  • Adjusted light intensity on player torches.
  • Blood Kua was reverted to its proper state.
  • Fixed cooking sometimes resulting in broken items.
  • Fixed a bug causing amulets to not give you the correct skill level for child skills upon login until re equipped.

UI and Interactions

  • Added new icons for Hunter and Warden task item.
  • Increased font size of guild name when targeting players.
  • Updated the UI messages for gathering, mining and woodcutting to be different from each other.
  • Updated the outlines of the nation and lawless zones in the map.
  • Fixed issue with whispers and friend names not always working.
  • Fixed issue where you would only get a message once when gathering or mining a resource, even though you were obtaining resources.
  • Fixed issue where UI did not properly update when attributes change. This includes attributes gained by trinkets.
  • Fixed holding shift while right clicking sometimes not opening the ‘split window’.
  • Fixed a bug causing equipped items to disappear from the paperdoll if you moved them around just before equipping.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when trying to place a decoration in a house.
  • Fixed crash in the paperdoll when stats would update.
  • Fixed issue where the territory circles on the world map displayed incorrect sizes and would take a long time to update on login.
  • Fix an issue when items were split etc, they would not be valid for use until reopening the cooking UI.

Lighting, Weather and Environment

  • Removed an invisible wall on a mountain near Morin Khur.
  • Many art updates and fixes in multiple areas of the game. For example light adjustments, floating objects, dark meshes or flickering textures.
  • Fixed issue with the cave entrance being blocked at Cave Camp.
  • Fixed some meshes in tunnels that allowed players to hide inside rocks.
  • Fixed collision on grass in MK sewers that were blocking melee attacks.
  • Fixed a spot in the landscape where players would walk half way below ground.
  • Fixed issue with rocks and river textures being pixelated in the southern steppe.
  • Fixed gaps in Morin Khur and the Jungle where players could get stuck.
  • Fixed holes and gaps in the Rat tunnel and Mino and Necro dungeon floors.
  • Fixed water effects disappearing from spouts in Tindrem sewers.
  • Fixed missing collision on a fence.
  • Fixed blurry texture on roads outside Tindrem and Fabernum.
  • Fixed missing lightning strike effect.

Game Performance

  • Fixed issue where opening a UI window, like the pets window, would cause a loading stall.
  • Applied a patch from Epic to fix the issue where landscapes would lose collision when moving far distances like returning to priest. This patch allows us to restore some engine garbage collection settings that should reduce stutter when traveling in the world.

Known Issues

  • Several issues got introduced after upgrading Mortal Online 2 to UE5, some of which are listed below. We are working on identifying and solving the root cause for these issues.
  • The game crashes in the engine landscape system, often when teleporting to a priest over long distances.
  • The game sometimes freezes for several seconds.
  • Some players are experiencing extremely long streaming times causing parts of the world not to load in when moving around (missing landscapes, low resolution meshes and textures, etc).
  • Attacking a murderer will currently flag you as a criminal, please be aware of this until we can hotfix it.
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