Mortal Online 2

Patch Notes 1.0.9

November 9, 2022

Greetings Mortals,

In this week’s patch we are as always delivering some new features, changes, and fixes. Most notably, our goals for the first step of the roadmap are arriving with this patch!
If you are curious about what is coming in the future you can take a look at our roadmap here: https://www.mortalonline2.com/roadmap/

Starting off, the distance at which you see players has been increased. Meaning you should now be able to see what a player is wearing, what they are doing, and which guild they belong to, from much further away.

A new combining skill has been added to the game. This new skill allows you to combine certain items in order to create new ones from scratch. For instance you may now brew potions in the new kegs which can hold much more than the existing vials, then combine the keg with smaller vials to fill them up from the keg rather than brewing each vial of potion individually.

There is also some good news for those of you who have a lot of skills and want some more breathing room in your hotbars. The existing four hotbars have now been expanded. Each one now has eight layers that you can flip through and customize to your liking. You can even set your hotbars to be horizontal if you prefer!

Pets have also received some much needed attention. They will now keep up with their owner in a better manner. All pets will receive a twenty percent speed boost while following their owner. (Note that this bonus goes away if the pet takes damage or engages in combat) Moreover, if a pet gets stuck and is unable to reach its master, the pet will now teleport as needed provided it isn’t too far away.

A new warning message has also been added upon logging out that will make it clear if your pets will log out with you or if they will stay in the world due to being too far away from you.

Lastly, a new batch of point of interest locations have been added to the world. Intrepid adventurers are as always advised to exercise caution while exploring.

As always, take a look at the full list of changes below, and let us know what you think!

See you in Nave,

The Star Vault Team


  • Several new point of interest locations have been added to the world.
  • Added kegs, which can be used to store a large amount of potion units.
  • Added the ability to combine certain items such as potions and kegs. The Combine skill is available in the action skills window.
  • Hotbars have now been expanded. Four hotbars are visible as usual, but now each hotbar has 8 layers that you can switch between. The buttons to switch layers appear when you hover over a hotbar.
  • Added the ability to switch hotbars from a vertical configuration to a horizontal one. The button to do this appears when you hover over a hotbar.
  • Players with unstable connections to the server will now be kicked from the server.
  • You no longer get hardstuck inside other characters when mounted. It could for example happen when undead spawned on your position.


  • The Autumn Hunt event has now come to an end.
  • Updated the pet category names on the broker.
  • Improvements have been made to the way AI moves in groups. AI characters should no longer get pushed into walls by other AI as they navigate tight spaces, for example when going through doorways. This does not improve the Risar dungeon issues however as that is a different problem.
  • You can no longer cook if you have recently taken PVP damage.
  • Smoothing has been added to mounted archery wobble to smooth out harsh bounces from the mount. This smoothing is stronger based on mounted archery and controlled aiming skills.
  • Breathing instability in mounted archery reduced to be more similar to while on foot.
  • War combatant debuff now lasts for 4 minutes.
  • Character creation Decoration UI has been reworked to be more intuitive.
  • Reduced the range of stabling pets.
  • Pets now get a flat 20% movement speed bonus while following their owner. This bonus is disabled if the pet receives damage or the pet is ordered to attack a target.
  • If a pet gets stuck and is unable to reach its owner when following, it will now teleport to the owner. This only works if the pet is already on follow command or called to follow when within reach for the follow command. This function will not trigger if the pet recently took damage or was ordered to attack.
  • The game will now warn you if your pets are too far away when you are about to log out.
  • Minor QoL improvement while trading. Double clicking an item while trading will no longer make you use the item.
  • Players should now load in from further away.
  • Guild affiliation should now always show on other players regardless of your distance to them.
  • Player armor and equipment now loads at a much further distance.
  • Combat animations now visible for players and AI at a much greater distance.
  • Ahk bond now has a maximum duration of 15 minutes.
  • The control undead spell now lasts for 15 minutes.


  • A few issues have been fixed in the new time synchronization system released in the previous patch. It sometimes caused desynced AI movement or attacks for some players.
  • Fixed the trade window not showing the correct icons, stats, and info for items that were being traded.
  • Fixed the loot bag window not showing the correct item information.
  • Fixed loot windows from containers in the world not showing the correct item information.
  • Fixed mail not always showing the correct item information.
  • Fixed house chests not always showing the correct item information.
  • Fixed an animation issue that could cause the heads of mounts to stutter while turning while trotting.
  • Fixed issues that would result in boss room doors not closing properly.
  • Fixed not being able to sell some creatures on the broker.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Maintain Vertical FOV” setting would not save properly unless it was toggled while in game.
  • Mounts no longer return to the position where you mounted them when you get thrown off. This was due to an outdated AI movement update. This sometimes caused players not to see their own mount nearby while other players would.
  • Fixed bug where you could abandon a pet you did not own anymore.
  • Fixed controlled undeads not contributing towards clade XP gain.
  • You now take fall damage when landing on other characters. Players could previously use another player, pet or AI to avoid fall damage, which is no longer the case. We do not apply damage to the character that you land on, but might be an interesting idea for the future.
  • Fixed not being able to pick up the skull chest house decoration.
  • You can no longer “surf” on other characters by jumping and gliding on them, this was easy to do on horses. It was a temporary effect while we improved support for not getting stuck in other characters.
  • Fixed an issue where high ping could cause issues with magic casting.
  • Several environment world art fixes.
  • Fixed issue where AI would sometimes stop too early on the client when being stopped on the server, causing them to be desynced from their actual position. This could sometimes happen with AI stopping in combat causing them to appear as if they were attacking from afar.
  • Fixed an issue where corrupt would tick too fast when cast on turtles and risen turtles.
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