Mortal Online 2

Patch Notes

May 7, 2022


  • Added Bounty hunter system.
  • Added Coraxi Facilitator to all cities. (Bounty Contractor)
  • Added Coraxi Birdkeeper to all cities.
  • Added new decoration items for houses to the Decoration Vendor.
  • Added new decoration items for houses as loot from containers and Humanoid AI.
  • Added Refining Oven Workbench for keeps that can be bought at the Keep Vendors.
  • Added a new /loot command that allows you to loot the nearest loot bag that is in close proximity to your character’s feet. The command is intentionally slightly slower than looting things manually.
  • Declare war / Request ally added to guild diplomacy, anyone can declare war on guilds that are harboring more than one murderer. War Declarations have a cost to start and a cost to surrender. Alliances have a cost to start for both parties. Allied guilds will not be dragged into wars.
  • Added Legendary visual decoration for melee weapons.
  • Added an item used for crafting Legendary Weapons, this item can be found as loot in containers and dropped by NPCs.
  • Added the Deserter status. Leaving a guild that is at war will block the joining of new guilds for 48 hours.
  • Added patrolling guards just outside Meduli.


  • Guard command can no longer spawn lictors
  • Increased the CladeXP from parcels.
  • Healers will now receive clade gift experience when helping others.
  • If you heal someone, the person you healed will remember your assistance for a minute. During this minute, anything they hit will be made aware of your healing contribution. The timer resets every time you heal someone and the contribution amount is cumulative, provided that the timer does not run out. In which case the healed player will no longer remember your contribution.
  • When an AI character is killed, all damage dealers and healers involved will receive clade gift experience proportional to their contribution. Same as the previous system, except now healers are taken into account as well when experience is being shared.
  • AI will now remember all involved damage dealers and healers until it either leashes or enters an idle state. (Previously there was a 10 minute timer)
  • When you enter the correct password to a house, the door will now open immediately.
  • Enabled War Combatant debuff. After attacking a player you are at war with, you will receive this debuff for 5 minutes. If a guard spots you while this debuff is active, you will be attacked and lose standing.
  • You will only get the War Combatant debuff when hitting a target you’re at war with if they are not a criminal, and if you are not dueling.
  • When you help a player/pets with beneficial effects(healing,purify etc) you will now
  • turn local grey to any players/pets who have recently assaulted them.
  • You will also turn local grey to any players/pets who they have recently assaulted.
  • When you first engage a war target, it will count as assault and any third party will now turn local grey to the opposite side when healing etc.
  • Bound items can no longer be mailed.
  • Massive performance optimizations have been done on the server.
  • Information regarding bans from communication channels are now more clearly presented to players.
  • Non-humanoid AI now drops lootable carcasses instead of Lootbags.
  • Interactions are now canceled if you target something that is not the thing you were trying to use.
  • Guild Names are no longer case sensitive when you create a new guild.
  • Tasks now give all rewards, removing the chance mechanic when gaining standing when delivering tasks & bounty contracts.
  • Toxai Task Vendor now gives Khurite Allied Tribes standing.



  • Fixed issue where a player that stopped blocking and returned to their idle animation pose would not play their animation properly. This happened because the animation was stopped with a blend instead of being reversed. This sometimes caused blocking animations to get weird blends, like getting small hitches.
  • Fixed broker UI remaining open on death.
  • Healing a target fighting a war will now turn you local grey to the targets they are fighting.
  • Fixed a house chest crash.
  • Hopefully fixed the issue with the lost upkeep tab on houses.
  • Fixed rare node crash.
  • Spirit boxes should no longer float in the air when dropped.
  • Fishing bait can no longer be brought to Myrland when you leave Haven.
  • Horses now display the dissolve effect on death.
  • Fixed issue with nearest priest not working as intended.
  • Fixed issue that could desync house decorations meaning they got removed on your client but not on others.
  • Fixed bad tooltips for passwords.
  • Fixed contractor stables preventing small and medium house upgrades.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Fixed issue where you could shoot through doors on small and medium houses.

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