Mortal Online 2

Patch Notes 1.0.17 – Territory Control, Siege Warfare & Elementalism Spells

August 15, 2023

Greetings Mortals!
Prepare for a monumental shift in the world of Mortal Online 2.

With the introduction of territory control you can now claim land for your guild, expand your influence on the realm, construct settlements and grow in power.

You will not be the only one vying for control of Myrland however, so be prepared to engage in large scale siege warfare as the strongest powers collide and compete for dominion over the land.

The two new groups of Emanation and Arrangement bring 20 new Elementalism spells to the world of Nave, allowing magic users to expand their possibilities and effectiveness with totally new mechanics.

All this and so much more is now available in this patch. Please give the notes below a read and let us know what you think!


We have also put together a helpful “Getting started with Territory Control” manual over on our website, which we encourage you to view here.


See you in Nave,

The Star Vault Team

Main Features

  • Added Territory Control mechanics with many territory control related structures.
  • Added Sieging mechanics.
  • Added two siege engines, the Manganon and Ballista. Both stationary and mobile variants.
    Added new Titles.
  • Added Campodon armor.
  • Added two new banner colors.
  • Added 20 new elementalism spells, in the groups Emanation & Arrangement.
    Several client side and server side optimizations. See details below.


  • Fixed issue where kicked guild members would remain in the guild member count. We have cleared existing guilds of kicked members. Please report if you still have guild members stuck in your guild list.
  • Fixed issue with guild members coming back into the guild list when server restarted.
    Added a guild rank 4 requirement for operating keep gate levers.
  • Added a guild rank 7 requirement for manipulating decorations in guild buildings.
  • Renamed certain guild ranks.


  • Drawing a bow will no longer cancel immediately when getting close to walls and objects, only when getting extremely close. Instead the arms will adjust to avoid the environment.
  • Fixed issue where players could launch arrows through walls by standing too close to it.

In-Game Map

  • Updated the visuals of the in-game map to display territory control information.
  • You no longer need the map item in the inventory to see the Myrland map when you press M.
  • You can now zoom the map and move it around.

Loot and Pickables

  • POI containers such as barrels, chests, urns etc have a bit higher refresh rate for new loot.
  • Made pickables easier to target and interact with by improving the collision to better match the visual mesh. (pickables are objects like karotons or salt crystals)


  • The effects of multiple Elementalism Emanation spells no longer stack.
  • Casting Crawling Hands will now flag you as a criminal.
  • Torrent cast time decreased from 2.5s to 1s
  • Fixed an issue where no sounds were played for some spiritism spells.
  • Fixed an issue causing Roaring wind to hit more often than intended.
  • Akh bond will no longer transfer to a random pet when the original was not found.
  • Lava Flow base damage decreased from 22-24 to 20-22.
  • Lava Ball base damage increased from 22-28 to 26-30.
  • Comet base damage increased from 23-33 to 25-35.
  • Comet now requires 2 Salt instead of 1 Salt Crystal
  • Boulder now requires 10 Granum Pile instead of 5 Flakestone
  • Torrent cast time decreased from 2.5s to 1s.
  • Increased base damage of Hailstone, Ember & Stone by 1.

Mounts and Pets

  • Updated the appearance of Campodon bags.
  • Fixed a bug where your mount would not take fall damage if you died from the fall.
  • Fixed an issue where a mount that changed between young/adult/alpha while swimming would drop to the floor and stay under water.
  • Mounts are now forcefully pushed towards the surface while swimming to ensure they stay afloat until we add buoyancy rules. There were a few scenarios where players managed to stay below the surface.
  • Fixed issue where mounts had a lesser step height than players. This caused mounts to be unable to step over objects that a player on foot would.

Characters, Creatures and Spawners

  • Rebalanced the Glory reward of many creatures. Hostile animals now award more Glory overall.
  • Multiple variations on dynamic spawners added or updated across Myrland.
  • Added an extra leash check to leash AI that is stuck.
  • Adjusted the spawning radius of several troll spawns in the world.
  • Fixed issue with NPCs sometimes looking straight down into the ground or being horizontally rotated due to a bad path update.
  • Springbok collision was adjusted for elementalism to fix spells going through them.
  • Fixed a bug where a player would “run in the air” if they got launched into the air without jumping first.
  • Fixed a bug where the player would not rotate along with the object they were standing on.
  • Fixed the bad falling animation for horses that had a broken loop.
  • The bandits who captured the Tindremic Officer now give glory, although less than other bandits.

Buildable Placement

  • Adjusted the placement rules for buildings. Buildings should now be a bit easier to place.
  • Adjust the way the minimum range between player owned structures is handled. In certain cases you should now be able to build houses slightly closer to each other.
  • The placement mode for structures now attempts to automatically raise the object being placed in order to clear any clutter on the ground (Rocks, tall grass, bushes, etc) when the item is activated.
  • Player owned structures are now easier to place on rough terrain.
  • Buildings will now display their correct names when placed, instead of being called “building”.
  • You can no longer place structures in the Necro dungeon tunnels.
  • Update the message that is displayed when you are trying to place a structure inside of a no-build zone. It should now make it much more clear that this is why you are unable build in a given area.
  • Removed large no build zones in front of all keeps.
  • Adjusted several no build zones in the world to be smaller.

Housing and Buildables

  • Destroyed houses/keeps will now be lootable for only the owner after being destroyed, after 48 hours anyone can loot the content of the house/keep for 72 hours then the structure is removed.
  • Fixed being able to view the contents of unrelated chests of other houses when you unlock a chest with a password.
  • Fixed client side bug where the keep gate would be closed for some players even though it was open.
  • Various collision fixes and updates to houses, keeps, and strongholds.
  • Fixed a bug causing you to not be able to loot destroyed buildings.
  • Fixed issue where players could remain standing in the air if the object they were standing on got removed, for example a house or wall got destroyed.
  • Update house password system, a quick relog will not force you to retype password to access chests/doors etc.
  • When the client thinks it has access to a chest (by having an outdated password) you will now be able to retype it again instead of simply being denied access until relog.
  • Chest UI now closes when password failed or someone changed the password.
  • Fixed a bug causing ‘access chests’ to sometimes appear empty and not able to be picked up.
  • Fix issue with keep walls allowing AI to walk through them.
  • Fixed an issue which resulted in you being unable to place decorations on certain grid cells of a house when the door was open.
  • Increased item cap for Keeps by +100 for T2 and T3.

Door Breaching

  • Players can now force open the door of a house by damaging it.
  • House doors have health, and a defence value that scales linearly with the health % of the house it is connected to.
  • This means only houses that are being sieged can have their doors opened in a reasonable amount of time. Players should be able to feel safe in their homes outside of a siege scenario.
  • The door will recover its health over a short period of time.
  • At 100% health, the door has a defence of 100%.

Attributes, Skills and Buffs

  • Fixed a bug sometimes causing you to get more skill points than intended. Players affected by this bug will notice the appropriate amount of skill points being drained from their skills upon login.
  • Fixed an issue where if you unlocked Veterinary before a change made to Animal Care, it allowed you to bypass the Animal Care requirement. This should no longer be possible.
  • Fixed bug where players affected by akh bond in mercy mode would not be killed when struck. Making it look like players were resurrected when “killed”.
  • Pet buffs are now removed upon trading the pet.

Trinkets, Items and Consumables

  • Fixed trinkets not giving you the intended skill points upon login, until you re-equip it.
  • Fixed an issue where drinking a potion which both purified and healed you would sometimes try to heal before purifying you.
  • Fixed a bug causing Direct Healing, Mana, Poison effects to sometimes fail to trigger.
  • Fixed the Lynx Tail item showing the incorrect icon.
  • Fixed an issue which could result in invisible items occupying slots in your inventory.
  • Fixed bug where attempting to move an item from pet bags directly into an access chest would cause it to go invisible, and vice versa.
  • Fixed mounted archery trinket bug, where two entries of the same skill bonus existed. You will now get the highest value of the two.

Flagging and Standing

  • Fixed an issue where you could report players for murder who recently attacked you if you commit suicide by eating/drinking poison.
  • Fixed an issue where crossing nodelines as a criminal would sometimes incorrectly reset your criminal timer.
  • Parcel delivery tasks now yield Prosperity instead of Glory.
  • Rebalanced the Prosperity rewards of most tasks.
  • Completing a bounty hunt now grants you Might instead of Glory.
  • Fixed a bug where Risars would reset criminal timer when hitting criminal players
  • Fixed a bug where Risars would set players as criminal when spotting their risen pets.

Environment and Structures

  • Fixed a few holes in various dungeons that players were falling through.
  • Fixed miscellaneous environmental art issues in the world.
  • Fixed an issue where the Kiln in Tindrem could not be used.
  • Fixed instances where players could get stuck when doors were closed on top of them.

Misc Gameplay

  • Greatly reduced the delay between landing on the ground and receiving fall damage.
  • Fixed an issue where sounds would sometimes not play from the correct location in relation to the camera.
  • Made the inner neck region black in first person so that the player can’t see inside the body when looking down in some scenarios.
  • Most titles are now unhidden in the game, instead you will see progress towards the next title in the title chain.
  • Fixed a bug where you were not able to weakspot someone who had the counter damage reduction effect.
  • Fixed a bug for spiritism where you would not lose spirits if ether lore skill level was 80 or above. You now lose spirits until you reach 100 skill.

Client Optimizations

  • The following optimizations were made to reduce some of the loading stalls that players experience while traveling.
  • Fixed issue with house decoration grid which caused a long stall when a house loaded in.
  • Fixed issue with houses at far away distance loading in on the same frame causing a long stall.
  • Fixed issue with buildables loading more asset data than what was needed, this caused a long stall.
  • Disabled unnecessary physics overlap check when enabling or disabling collisions.
  • Changed the engine garbage collection settings in an attempt to reduce game stuttering. Garbage collection is a memory cleanup routine that runs in intervals and causes hitches.
  • Reduced the load time slightly for pickables.

Server Fixes and Optimizations

  • Several server optimizations were made during PTR to increase player capacity.
  • Fixed several leaks that would cause server lag if the server was not restarted..
  • Fixed the notorious node crash that would happen roughly once a week
  • Possible fix for a rare node crash.
  • Server now handles sections of the game with many players better by dynamically changing what packages to send to who.
  • How the server handles packages have been optimized greatly increasing the amount of packages the server can handle.

Known Issues

  • Siege machines will stay in the air when the walls or buildings they are placed on are destroyed.
  • Territories on the map can take a while to update to their true size after logging in.
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