Mortal Online 2

Patch Notes 1.0.16 – Elementalism Spell Batch 2, New Mounts & More!

May 10, 2023

Greetings Mortals!

This patch brings with it the second batch of Elementalism spells. Many of the new spells allow you to manipulate the weather of the region that you are in, with some spells even requiring specific weather in order to be cast.

The roster of mountable creatures is also expanding. You are now able to ride wolves, direwolves, terrorbirds, and even domestic pigs! In addition to these new mounts, the new mount passenger system allows you to bring a friend with you while riding horses and molvas.

Speaking of Molvas, they can now be equipped with bespoke armor. Making these awe inspiring beasts even more imposing than before.

Lastly, several new craftable pet bags have been added to the game. Allowing your furry and feathered companions to assist you in new ways.

And as always, there are a slew of changes and fixes to go along with all of the new additions.

See you in Nave,

The Star Vault Team

Mounts & Pets

We have added the ability for certain combat pets to be mountable. This includes their risen variants. Risen pets have rules in which you can only have one “mount” type and one “combat” type or they will vanish.To be clear, the current pets look like this;

Horse – Mount type
Molva – Mount and Combat (Can only have them by themselves)
Other Rideable Combat pets – Combat

We will likely revisit these tags in the future and update you if or when they will change.
  • Four pets can now be used as a mount. Wolves, direwolves, terrorbirds and domestic pigs (this includes the risen variants).
  • Added craftable bags for several creatures.
  • Horses and Molva beasts can now hold an extra passenger.
  • Mounted Combat, Mounted Archery and Mounted Magic are disabled for mounted passengers.
  • Players can now offer other players to ride on their mount as a passenger if the mount allows it. Look at the other player and hold Ctrl+R to offer a ride. The passenger can then mount and dismount as long as the rider is on the mount. The passenger can be forced off the mount by using Ctrl+R and will no longer be allowed to ride again. A passenger will always dismount when the rider does (no AI riding).
  • Mounts now have a rider weight limit before penalties kick in, passenger included! E.g. Some horses can handle 180 kg without penalty at level 1. The weight includes the armor and body weight for the rider and passenger but not their inventory weight. The mount armor and bags are not included in this penalty. A penalty of 0.5% per kg will be applied to the speed and 0.2% to the turn rate beyond the weight limit.
  • Mounts carry an additional 0-40% extra rider weight between creature level 0-125. A creature with a 100 kg rider weight limit will have a 140 kg weight limit at level 125.
  • Fixed bug where the riding speed penalties from equipment and bag weights would sometimes not update properly.
  • Reduced the flee duration for mounts when the rider is knocked off from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds.


  • Fixed bad volumes for medium tier houses causing pets to randomly run into other player houses when running past them (or ignore parts of the house completely).
  • Fixed issue with broken corner pathing near houses. Pets would sometimes walk too close to walls and end up inside the house.
  • Fixed issue where pets would sometimes get stuck in the entrance until their owner moved far away enough for them to teleport.
  • Pets will no longer stop following their owner when blocked by a door. It will now keep trying until the door is opened again or the owner goes outside.
  • Pets should now navigate between sections in L- or T-shaped houses without taking shortcuts on the outside. Proper doorway navigation will come when we add in-house navigation around decorations.
  • Fixed bug where pets would not update their appearance when changing level. For example a young pet would not change into an adult appearance unless you stabled it or relogged back into the game.
  • Temporary change: Pets are now allowed to leave a building even when the entrance is closed. This change remains until we confirm that we have fixed the issues with pets randomly going into closed houses.
  • Fixed bug causing certain pet skills to not be properly checked if they are a criminal action or not.


  • You can give bags custom names by ctrl + right clicking them in your inventory.
  • Outlaw bandit spawners added to the world.
  • Lootable shallow graves with a chance of rare loot can now be found throughout Myrland.
  • Lootable sunken boats can be found throughout the Myrland seas.
  • Pet bag crafting for Molvas, Campodons, Celaenos, Tagmatons and Turtles.
  • Armor crafting for Molvas.
  • Added support for gathering resources from the ground.
  • Grass can now be gathered directly from the ground in thick grass areas to feed your pets. (Other resources like plants and bushes are still more effective and faster to lower pets hunger.)
  • There is now a Kallard task vendor in Cave Camp.
  • Quality of life
  • Reduced the interaction timer with other players (hold R to trade, etc).
  • Reduced the interaction timer for houses.

Quality of Life

  • Reduced the interaction timer with other players (hold R to trade, etc).
  • Reduced the interaction timer for houses.


  • Bosses are now immune to Atrophy.
  • Decreased base damage of Auw Surge by 2
  • Decreased base damage of Thunderlash by 3
  • Increased base damage of Ember, Hailstone, Stone & Shock
  • Adjusted reagent cost of Comet, Scouring Stream, Sandspout, Whirlwind and Mending Vapors to be cheaper
  • Lowered Risen Tribe Rat Berserker damage to be in line with other Risen creatures.


  • Handle hits now reduce damage by a flat 40%.
  • Disabled the auto re-enter combat mode functionality for bandages.
  • Mindblast now deals more damage against AI and now varies a bit between casts when used against AI.


  • Aggressive AI will now also attack player pets.

Weather & Heat

  • Heat System turned back on.
  • Weather now adds to heat.
  • Chilled, Frostbitten, Warmed and Ignited debuffs now affect the body heat of Players they are on.

Misc Changes

  • Adjustments have been made to the alchemy effect stats which were introduced in the Elementalism 1.0 patch to make them more available.
  • Reduced the camera wobble in mercy mode.
  • The “Rare rocks/trees” system has been brought back and merged with the current “rare material drop system”.
  • “Rare rocks/trees” will yield double the drop chance of the rare materials.
  • The bonus chance of finding rare materials has been reduced from 25% to 10%. Clade gifts ‘Stoneseer’, ‘Geologist’, and ‘Dendrologist’ will now notify the player if there is a high chance for rare materials when mining or lumberjacking. In general this change will increase the speed of gathering rare materials.
  • Updated the Pets UI.
  • Khurite 2 handed hilt is now included in the generic 2 hand hilt crafting skill instead of in the Khurite blade skill.
  • Parts of the package handling on the server has been rewritten to better handle a large player count.


  • Trolls and other large Ai creatures will no longer trigger hurt sounds multiple times when taking damage from multiple targets.
  • Possible fix for sounds going quiet in large battles.


  • Fixed bug where players would fall to the bottom while swimming if they got pushed or shield-bashed by another player.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to give murdercounts if you moved very far away after being killed.
  • Fixed issue with criminal timer resetting when you changed nodes.
  • Fixed issue where pickables would sometimes float above ground after teleporting to a priest.
  • Fixed crash that would happen when loading empty pickables.
  • Restored setting that was changed in an attempt to fix players getting randomly flung when moving into objects. It did not help and instead caused players to get flung in other scenarios.
  • Fixed crash that could happen during unexpected disconnects.
  • Fixed a code subsystem tick-order issue that caused various stutters and artifacts on characters.
  • Fixed minor issues in the mail UI.
  • Fixed issue with AI not leashing correctly when they can not reach their target.
  • Switching between presets in armor crafting should now correctly update the UI.
  • Fixed typo in the frostbitten debuff that said it reduced stamina regen.
  • Fixed issue with some buildables not correctly getting guild-flagged.
  • Fixed a couple of node crashes.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to be disconnected from server while auto attacking in ether form.
  • Fixed bug where undead that was controlled with Control Undead would not stop moving when in mercy mode.
  • Fixed a flagging bug where if someone was local grey to you and pulled out a pet from a stable, it would not show as local grey.
  • Fixed a bug causing item slots to turn upside down.
  • Fixed a glare sometimes occurring in the crafting preview window.
  • Fixed bug where eating size-shrink food at minimum size sometimes caused you to receive a msg saying you have increased in size.
  • Fixed a bug where size increase/decreases due to food consumption did not update available attribute points until relog.
  • Fixed ‘size’ in paperdoll sometimes showing the wrong number.
  • Fixed float inaccuracy bug for ‘Height’ in paperdoll UI.
  • Fixed water volume in the jungle causing you to be able to breathe underwater.
  • Fixed a calculation error which caused the skill Herding to not scale as intended. To get the full effects of Herding, you will now need to have 100 in the skill instead of 91.
  • Fixed bug where the “buy orders” button could sometimes show in the pet broker.
  • Fixed a hole in Risar dungeon that players could fall through.
  • Fixed lots of rocks that were not mineable.
  • Fixed brownwood trees in the jungle that were not gatherable.
  • Fixed footstep sounds not playing correctly when traveling on roads.
  • Fixed a type of tree in snowy biomes that had the wrong collision that made players invulnerable.
  • Several environment art fixes.
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