Mortal Online 2

Hotfix Notes

September 10, 2021

This patch comes loaded with fixes and a new video option to help improve CPU usage.


  • Added video option for experimental Character Distance CPU Optimization (off by default). This will enable tick rate reduction over distance for all characters, which will reduce CPU usage in crowded areas. This is a quality vs performance option.
  • Added a new system for pickables that drastically lowers their impact on the server CPU.


  • Improved CPU usage for character movement.
  • Reduced player movement network package size by 17%.
  • Updated equip animation for lance without shield.
  • Adjusted lighting in Fabernum and Haven dungeons.
  • Updated navmesh for AI navigation in Risar dungeon.
  • Did a slight update to the design of the recurve asymmetrical bow.


  • Moh-ki bank chandelier fix.
  • Removed snow weather from Haven.
  • Fixed UI crash that could happen when using a skill.
  • Fixed various HUD crashes.
  • Fixed crash when using a vendor.
  • Various landscape and foliage fixes.
  • Fixed issues with tree LODs.
  • Adjusted light sources in Morin Khur.
  • Adjusted collision for tents in Haven to stop players from getting stuck in them.
  • Added missing water/swimming volume in the world.
  • Fixed misplaced flying anvil in Moh-ki.
  • Updated a few weapon resource materials that had slightly wrong appearances to them.
  • Fixed landscape hole in Tindrem Graveyard.
  • Fixed issue where players could go behind rocks in the Nitre Queen boss room.
  • Fixed issue that would cause a mount to get a staggering motion if the player mounted on top of it would turn quickly side-to-side.
  • Fixed issue with player interpolating the shortest path while mounted, causing a player to turn the wrong way when looking quickly side-to-side.
  • Enabled shadows on Haven Fabernum Stable.
  • Fixed issue where you could glitch your login by spamming enter while logging in.
  • Several server optimizations have been done based on the data collected during the first days of the stress test. Thank you all for helping us out with this!
  • Possible fix for invisible Risars in Risar dungeon.

Known Issues:

  • Some particles and sound effects from NPCs and creatures leak into the etherworld. For example the troll will be very noticable. We are working on piping all the effects through the same path to be able to filter them effectively.
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