Mortal Online 2

Hotfix Notes

September 4, 2021

Time for a hotfix!


  • Added pickable Spirit Boxes.
  • Added Pirum gathering.
  • Added Blackwood gathering.
  • Added the ability to see who you are trading with.
  • Added light sources in city banks.
  • Added a simple launcher.
  • Added unique animations for each armor slot when equipping or unequipping it.


  • All melee weapons are now limited to 45 degrees while couched on mounts.
  • Improved loading of server entities that are important to the player such as loot bags of things you kill or portals you create.
  • Tutorials now flush all keys when they are opened to avoid them being closed if you are holding W for example and walking into a tutorial that you close with W.
  • Reworked the login and queue experience.
  • Login now more aggressively attempts to reconnect if the first connection didn’t fail in a fatal way.
  • Login now adds people back into the queue in a better way if they cancel or timeout.
  • Login now updates and reconnects players in the queue a lot more often.
  • Updated textures for taurdog.
  • Optimized large parts of the server, please look out for odd server behavior and report it as this is a rather large optimization that could cause issues.
  • Adjusted soft body physics for females.
  • Your own pets should no longer run away from you when you move towards them.
  • Improved AI movement and rotation.
  • Improved pet follow behavior so that pets keep a steadier pace with the player.


  • Moved code around to make sure the nitre queen triggers the trap as soon as she goes unhidden.
  • New players now spawn in a radius around the starting point rather than on it.
  • Fixed bug causing camera FOV to always get set to max.
  • Fixed some vendor UI elements.
  • Fixed Mongrel/Jungle/Jotun/Desert horse types not being able to use equipment.
  • Removed buildings from reflections.
  • Fixed crash that happened when a player died in spider caves (and likely some other dungeons and caves).
  • Fixed crash that happened when running outside one of the caves.
  • Fixed HUD disappearing on relog after a player crashed in a cave.
  • Fixed a crash related to tutorial waypoints on the compass.
  • Added proper collision to one of the Bandit camp entrances.
  • Fixed streaming issue in Fabernum Tower (Fabernum Dungeon did not load properly).
  • Fixed missing wall in Morin Khur bank (upper).
  • Fixed missing floor at Tindrem entrance.
  • Fixed collision on Jungle bridge.
  • Adjusted height in the tunnel leading down to the underground tavern in Meduli.
  • Clouds should now be visible on the lowest effects setting.
  • Fixed some surfaces in the world having a tiny glow to them so they never got fully dark during the night.
  • Fixed lances not being equipped in the hands of other players when not on a mount.
  • Fixed issue with collision on etherworld portals.
  • Fixed crash in the VOIP backend when a player lost connection during the initial loading screen.
  • Fixed crash when player tried to log in and force closed Steam during the loading screen.
  • Fixed issue with translations causing Settings tab button text to overlap
  • Fixed rare bug where a stolen item border was not updating correctly
  • Fixed bug where character parts would be “hidden” (scaled to zero) as if the character was wearing armor, but while naked.
  • Fixed bug where the player would see their own hair or beard in the shadow while having a helmet on (when the hair or beard is supposed to be hidden).
  • Fixed more landscape issues.
  • Fixed issue with AI not moving on the client if the updated path had already finished on the server (typically happened at high ping or package delays).
  • Fixed issue where the alive state of the local player was not updated in regards to other characters being able to look at the player (this made NPCs not look at the player if the player logged in while in the etherworld and then resurrected).
  • Fixed issue with AI attacking from far away.
  • Fixed issue with AI being slightly desynced in movement.

Known Issues:

  • Some particles and sound effects from NPCs and creatures leak into the etherworld. For example the troll will be very noticable. We are working on piping all the effects through the same path to be able to filter them effectively.
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