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    Characters are too "Chunky" - Poll

    Ooohhh baby wheres our @young handsome men at??
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    Lack of offline protection will cost the game

    From being in rpk for a few months i can say keeps with 3-4 defenders who knew how to shoot an arrow and call a guard could defend 10-15 people for an hour or two till back up came. And that was when our mang supply was pretty much unlimited. If you dont have 3-4 people online at any given...
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    Public apologies to ES, closing old wounds.

    goddamn trade cartels fixing prices and instigating wars to sell weapons... =p id still trust ruben with my cron though.
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    Runescape 4 Beta Patch in a nutshell

    Bro this is my spot i was here first! Switch worlds.
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    Putzins Zeal and Godkin's Zeal

    Haha I feel like the luckiest guy in the world
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    Putzins Zeal and Godkin's Zeal

    Whatever you say sweet cheeks.
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    Putzins Zeal and Godkin's Zeal

    With you at home waiting for me.. always.
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    Putzins Zeal and Godkin's Zeal

    Haha ah nice you do know me. Sorry daddy has to go to work. Dont have much time to play games.
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    Putzins Zeal and Godkin's Zeal

    Suck my dick pretty little boy
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    Putzins Zeal and Godkin's Zeal

    Threads like these are why I try and kill every rper I come across.
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    Combat is boring, a note to Henrik.

    Having played MO1 from hawaii for a few years I think I can say more then most the old ping really wasnt bad. I haven’t tried mo2 yet but I think they could make a middle ground from mo1 and where mo2 is now and be still fun and slightly less eu parry whore centric. Then at a later time they...
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    4[+1] vs many - the Germans taking over Nave

    Good shit. Game looks awesome!
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    Exact Reasons why MO Died and What Not to do Moving Forward

    Im pretty sure even if they had 1000 times the hp they would of been in the same spots. But I really loved the feeling in mo where you could do almost anything you set your mind to and I hope mo2 doesnt lose that.
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    Feedback- How to check Ping with ease! -Poll update-

    You just type it in cmd on windows. The game being open doesn’t matter. It just tests your computer’s ping to a location close to the server(might be the same server idk)
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    Feedback- How to check Ping with ease! -Poll update-

    Yeah its hard not to love it here. I just need something to keep me out of trouble at night lol.