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    JohnOldman's Trinket Research

    @JohnOldman Thanks for the info! Do bonuses (like lootluck/effect luck/etc) stack if you have them on both rings you are wearing?
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    Pets in Necro Dungeon

    My 2 cents: I am on board with making some content for some builds over others.. I am not even bothered that the last part of the Necro dungeon is not for pets. I do think this was handled poorly, however. The invisible bridge was a nice touch (who didn't think of Indiana Jones 3?), but more...
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    Project Polish isn't enough

    I am with you.. in MO knowledge is everything. In the beta, SV seemed to have a pretty good handle on what to release for testing vs. what components to hold back for prod. In EVE Online, there were no real secrets.. outside of locations/WH's/etc, so there was no risk to the game from that...
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    Leaving a message at someone's doorstep

    I think it's things like this that need to be added to the roadmap. As an MO1 player, I just assumed features like this would be added at some point, but really SV needs to call out MO1 features that will eventually come and put them on the roadmap. Players want to know what small features will...
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    Project Polish isn't enough

    I hate to compare different games.. especially vastly different games, but oh well.. here it goes. Before I started playing MO1, I spent way too much time playing EVE Online. EVE Online and MO are similar in being full loot, lose everything, player driven economy, etc. CCP (EVE developers at...
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    Feedback housing system.

    I voted yes, but I would happily trade having a few more priests in the wild instead of being able to rezz in a house without using a priest. In MO1, I built my houses out of the way, but near-ish to a priest. For instance, I still have a house standing in the hills E of Bakti next to the mogul...
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    Character creation handedness

    I have become accustomed to how mounted archery works in MO2, and logging into MO1 it even seems odd that I can aim to both left and right while on horse back. However, I would love to see an option for handedness when you create a character. So, if you choose right-handed, mounted archery would...
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    Compilation of Feedback & Ideas

    I think these would be great additions to MO2. I always thought it was odd in MO1 that guards patrol, but bandits don't. It would make sense to have NPCs transporting goods between camps, or even just patrolling between camps. It would also make sense to see NPCs in the wild hunting.. both...
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    Citizenship System

    Part of this thread has gone off topic a little.. and, well, I may as well join in ;) In my opinion, the biggest reason MO1 saw such a huge decline in server population was not because they failed to hand-hold new players, it was due to two issues: 1) new players expected a learning curve, and...
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    Beta review - my thoughts in a nutshell (enter at your own risk)

    I am wondering also.. also I noticed the Thursar clade gifts had some temperature bonuses for both hot and cold, so I am hoping they are expanding on the Sarducca heat system to include cold weather. I am also wondering what the veteran points thing is going to be. Lots of guessing atm :p
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    Taming and Animal Care (As they are now) Should be Crafting Skills

    I totally agree.. it is kind of pointless to argue the point when nothing is black and white here. Having a third mixed bag tree could fix some of that, but I get why they would want to resist doing that.. probably mostly in their attempt to not put extra complexity on new players. I could see...
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    Taming and Animal Care (As they are now) Should be Crafting Skills

    I agree with Kaemik, Taming and Animal Care should be professional skills. That would mean Domestication (secondary anyway) should be in both places so that the tree still makes sense. Taming is not a requirement for anything, so it doesn't upset the action skills by moving it over. Taming...
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    combat - directional attack settings

    I am finding the directional attack mechanic counter-intuitive for me. The mouse direction seems good from a blocking perspective, but seems opposite from an attack perspective for me, meaning to swing my sword from my right to left I would expect to drag the mouse to the left (the direction I...
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    Beta review - my thoughts in a nutshell (enter at your own risk)

    Combat: I left the double tap strafing jump/dodge out, but I totally agree it should be in MO2. I will say that mechanic did allow you to reach places you otherwise could not get to in MO1, so it may have been left out for that reason alone. I would rather it be in place (and fixed if SV thought...
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    Beta review - my thoughts in a nutshell (enter at your own risk)

    First, I have spent a lot of time in MO1 for the past several years (not as veteran as many of you for sure, though), and loved the game.. with it's quirks and changes over the years. I still log in and play.. but it feels like a single player game these days with almost no one on (sad times)...