Character creation handedness


New member
Jul 31, 2020
I have become accustomed to how mounted archery works in MO2, and logging into MO1 it even seems odd that I can aim to both left and right while on horse back. However, I would love to see an option for handedness when you create a character. So, if you choose right-handed, mounted archery would be just as it is now for you, but if you choose left-handed, you would be able to shoot over your right side instead of left. Handedness can apply to melee combat as well.. with the primary weapon and/or shield being reversed for those players. It would be set apon character creation if you chose to not use the default, and something you cannot change later. It probably sounds like a pretty pointless setting, but it means that when you approach an MA, you do not know if they are handicapped on their right side or left side. It would also make for some interesting melee combat, as you would need to read the moves and postures for the opposite parts of your opponent's body.