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    Alvarin buff ?

    its a step in the right direction, a very small step more like a hesitant shuffle. Using a clade gift skill with a 10 min cooldown for balance wont help that much though.
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    Weapon Skills - All in one?

    I see this bring an issue when MC players are able to use the best weapon on a mount, the best weapon on foot and a bow. It might sound like it will bring diversity but wouldn't it just mean all fighters are pretty much the same?
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    Please dont ruin the logout system

    So does the camp fire stay in the world after you logged out if so how long?
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    I vote Gigamo.exe, their time is so limited now
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    Multy clients

    Would this be 1200 points across the account or on one character like could each character have 300 points? Boulder characters and farm hotspot logging might still be an issue
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    Multy clients

    This sounds like it could work well as long as it's set-up properly with lore and also address issues like mailing and bank system, only bad thing that stands out about it is that people will probably macro these crafts up as anything that has a time sink they usually will macro, some way of...
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    Catalysts are dumb, pointless, and a waste of player's time.

    I guess they went for something close to realistic, if have ever seen minerals and gemstones going through processing there is water everywhere. A whole new set would be great and give us something to figure out.
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    Extraction Timers

    The OP suggestion would be optional for those who want to do it faster.
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    Extraction Timers

    Yes..unlike the scribing implementation
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    Resource Distribution

    Even though nothing is set in stone for the actual release of the game, going off of the information we have, it seems as though SV are going ahead with the same mistake of MO1 in that most if not all end game resources are in the one location (North East corner of the map). • Tephra • Gabore •...
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    Extraction Timers

    Solid idea. I would like to see something in place to stop players from having end game mats inside the first few weeks of persistent release though.
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    Tamed bears are a predecessor of Death Knights

    Dark orders was a good balance option. Elemental protectors were very balanced in terms of summoned pets. Pet attack hotkey is skillless even if they give pets stamina.
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    About ARPK Guilds

    Diplomacy would indicate that some sort of agreement is met, I don't think "leave or die" really counts. If a player or group shows up to a dungeon and someone is there and they give them the option leave or die that makes them an aggressor due to greed and I would very much think an ARPK guild...
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    If "speed was king" and Veela was so OP why were there 15 non veelas chasing you?
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    Wouldn't be the worst thing, SV probably won't do it though.