Mortal Online 2

Developer Update | Upcoming Patch

February 25, 2022

Greetings Mortals,


We have been hard at work on a patch to address many of the most prominent issues currently being experienced, such as

  • Missing house decorations & invisible items
  • Issues with pets caused by transitioning instances
  • Issues with pets following
  • A bug with the AI patrol mechanic causing NPCs to leash and regenerate health when hit
  • VoIP bleeding through instances


These fixes, along with many other bug fixes and quality of life improvements such as being able to slide down slopes instead of falling, are set to make it into the next patch hopefully early next week. 

These changes also include some very significant updates to our server network engine which should help to increase the capacity we can have per server. Depending on how well this goes we intend on closing down some of the extra Myrland instances.

Naturally with these significant core changes we need to be extra thorough in testing before it can go live.


The full patch notes will be available when the patch goes live next week.


See you in Nave,

Star Vault Team


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