Mortal Online 2

Patch Notes

March 2, 2022


  • Lootable corpses added to Myrland
  • Steep slopes will now cause players to slide instead of free fall. Players will still take fall damage if slide speed becomes too great.
  • Added a new cave in Haven to explore.


  • Leaving Haven should no longer lock you from going to an alternative Myrland.
  • Polished house placement mode visuals.
  • Added Red Priests outside of all keep locations.
  • You can no longer mail coins while also requesting coin on delivery.
  • Only pets that are close to you when you logout will follow you to alt myrlands.
  • Updated navmesh all over the world that could get pets stuck.
  • Fall damage reduced for mounts.
  • Prevent certain ini files from being modified outside of the game.
  • Removed Myrland alt 3 and 4.
  • Increased Tephra yield to match removal of alt servers.
  • Increased the max capacity of all servers.



  • Fixed several crashes on the server.
  • Fixed rare crash when crafting armor.
  • Fixed missing water in some areas.
  • Removed alignment from spellbook. It was unused and displaying placeholder text.
  • Fixed bug where getting corrupted while already corrupted would result in two corrupt debuff icons instead of refreshing it.
  • It is no longer possible to bring bags with you from Haven.
  • Lots of world fixes.
  • Fixed flickering horizon in Haven.
  • Players should no longer get stuck under the landscape in Haven.
  • Lootable corpses now align a lot better to ground.
  • Updated some skills descriptions.
  • Spellbook background now changes to represent the selected magic school.
  • Updated a font to make it easier to distinguish between letters.
  • Fixed bug where after renaming personal notes you had to search for its old name when using the search bar.
  • Fixed bug where spellcasting animation would sometimes get stuck.
  • Guild members & friends now get sorted alphabetically.
  • Opening map through inventory now shows you the Haven map if you’re in Haven, otherwise it will show the Myrland map.
  • Fixed whispers
  • Communications server optimization
  • Network engine optimization
  • You should no longer hear VoIP from other instances
  • Fixed Marksmanship skill not gaining experience.
  • Fixed not being able to resurrect at 0 standing.
  • Fixed issue that could cause decorations in houses and keeps to be reset when a node was restarted.
  • Fixed leak that forced us to restart Myrland servers now and then due to lag.
  • Made several changes to how pets are moved between Myrland Main and alts when switching servers.
  • Pet bags that are equipped and get destroyed will now drop their items to the ground if they have any.
  • You can now give murder counts to people who are offline or on another node.
  • Fixed crafting UI sound not being adjustable by volume slider.
  • Login news now retries if it fails to get the latest news.
  • Candle light vfx is now locked to the base of candles.
  • Fixed broken mana heal spell message.
  • Fixed wrong defense values on Tagmatons.
  • Corrected the Pansar Carapace butcher yield.
  • Fixed several issues with AI leashing when they should not.
  • Removed unused pet broker categories.


Quality of life:

  • You can now delete multiple items at once by using ALT + Right-click or simply dragging items outside of your inventory.
  • Added a confirmation message when abandoning your pet.
  • Journal entries are now sorted alphabetically.
  • You can now hold the craft button to continuously craft when using any crafting workbench.
  • Right-clicking items while using crafting UI now more intuitively updates its item slots.
  • Item slots in crafting UI now only reset when necessary.
  • -Slightly increased range when trying to open pet bags. Sometimes the pet would stop following just out of range meaning you couldn’t access it when encumbered.
  • You can now hold the ‘Scribe’ button to continuously scribe the same stack of scrolls.
  • Added sort by ascending/descending option in broker.

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