Mortal Online 2

Developer update – Archery and more crafting now out!

November 2, 2020

Alpha patch has been released!
This patch marks off an important milestone for Mortal Online 2, which is the end of the combat alpha.
We have made huge improvements to the movement and combat this patch.
This patch also includes core gameplay additions such as armor crafting, shield crafting and archery. We have also expanded into the south west region of the world which includes the return of our beloved coastal town of Meduli.

One of the biggest challenges we faced is implementing fast paced real time directional combat using a one world global server. However, today we proudly release our fully built core system that makes it mostly impossible to notice any difference between fighting a player from USA or Europe. We have worked extremely hard to make this game a fair playing field no matter what latency you have, though of course there are some limitations if you have extremely high ping.

With the combat system core finished we can now focus our efforts towards the none combat features and other areas of the game. Combat balance tweaks and new attack mechanics will still be added over time, as we are a larger team and working on many areas at once.

We still have a few alpha keys to the donations page so if you have been waiting for the game to add features that aren’t combat related now is your chance to get into the game!

Don’t forget you can still sign up for the free stress test. The final date for this test will be announced soon. The amount of people who signed up for the stress test has been overwhelming but we want to really push this server to it’s limits!

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