Mortal Online 2

Combat Alpha Patch Notes

November 2, 2020


  • Added Meduli landscape area.
  • Added new city, Meduli.
  • Added Meduli as a new starting location.
  • Added shield crafting.
  • Added armor crafting.
  • Added Archery. (Bows and arrows can be found on the Material Supplier)
  • Simple swimming has been added, you can currently not swim in combat mode.
  • New emotes added. (type /emote in local chat)
  • Added player character level of detail. (LOD’s for bodies, armors, hairstyles)
  • Added client side movement prediction to improve player positioning.
  • Added support for canceling emotes on movement.
  • Added skill animations for crafting.
  • Added animations for bandages.
  • Added support for opening GM tickets, note GMs aren’t currently in MO2 very much as they are still working in MO1.
  • Added support for proper cool downs. (currently can only be seen in action bars)
  • Added separate turn caps for [Idle: 1100, Block: 1100, Attack Charge: 600, Attack Release: 600]
  • Thursar beard added.


  • Removed ultra DLSS since NVidia tells us it’s not ready.
  • Optimized login back-end for faster initial login.
  • Optimized updates from clients to other clients.
  • Circle compass is now smaller.
  • Updated crafting tables and character sheet.
  • Bandages now work as in MO1 with a 10 sec timer before the HP is updated and 20 sec cool down.
  • Rebuilt parts of the skill window, it should now work a lot better.
  • You can now right click on skills anywhere to trigger them.
  • You now leave combat mode when resting.
  • Changed perfect block calculation methods to a more exact calculation on the server.
  • Updated clade gift animation.
  • Update all races glade gifts to their new update game design. Note that very few of these still work and their icons and most names are just placeholder.
  • Clade gifts can now give skill level bonuses, if a skill gets bonus from a clade gift this can be seen in the skill window.
  • Forcing players out of combat mode can now force the player into combat again after the action has been performed. For example using a bandage now force the player out of combat mode then does the bandage animation and force the player into combat again once it’s completed.
  • Removed stack size from crafting windows to avoid confusion since crafting takes materials from all stacks in your inventory.
  • Update a whole lot of tool tips.
  • Change the look of the clade UI to make it easier to read what state each clade gift is in.
  • All loading and charge circles now goes from (like a clock) 12-12 instead of 09-09
  • Slightly increased the server sided arch for perfect blocks.
  • Movement speed reduced.
  • Player acceleration reduced.
  • Combat attacks are now synchronized between players (tolerable up to 400 ms latency)
  • Players are now allowed to attack or block again directly after hitting an enemy.
  • Players have to recover longer after missing an enemy before being able to attack or block again.
  • Players no longer lose stamina when charging an attack directly after a hit while the weapon is still inside the opponent.
  • Spear 2H animations updated.
  • PoleAxe animations updated.
  • Sword 2H animations updated.
  • Player locomotion now adjusts playback based on character size.
  • Time of day sequence updated. (new sun and moon orbits) Currently set to summer month at northern latitude (short nights)
  • Improved animation blends in attacks.
  • Several existing hairstyles polished.
  • Player can no longer strafe in mercy mode.
  • Emotes now turn off as soon as you start moving. (temporary change until emote-specific behavior is implemented)
  • Turn cap implementation fundamentally changed. (it had issues due to the mouse input bug, listed under fixes)
  • Loading screen sequence has been improved. (slightly faster, better fades)
  • The player can now move as soon as the loading screen fades out.
  • Improved time synchronization with server.
  • Character pose has been adjusted when looking up and down to reduce masking of attack directions.


  • Clouds no longer affects the eyes on the characters. (translucency sorting issue)
  • Fixed presets for crafting not working correctly.
  • Fixed issue with trading buttons not updating correctly on second trade.
  • Fixed vendor issues with very large expensive stacks.
  • Fixed several issues in the clade gift UI.
  • Fixed a couple of rare crashes.
  • Fixed bug that made right-clicking on items in inventory to add them to trade or crafting not work if you had moved the window.
  • Fixed an issue where alt invert affected blocks directions.
  • Fixed an issue that caused parry effects to play twice sometimes.
  • Fixed Mouse input bug fixed. (it was previously unstable and could vary with frame rate and other reasons)
  • Fixed bug where player would get stuck in charge if using click-drag after doing a short click.
  • Player arms no longer stretch in first person when moving forward/backward.
  • Players now properly backpedal in mercy mode.
  • Weapons no longer disappear on other players if the body is outside the screen.
  • World landscape fixes.
  • Player now smoothly gains control at the end of the resurrect sequence.
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