Mortal Online 2

Combat Alpha Patch Notes

August 19, 2020


  • Added local post process color changes for different biomes.
  • Added new world fog.
  • Added Click-Drag sensitivity slider.
  • Added support for shield icons and tool tips.
  • Added first shield type. (Can be found in barrels in cities)
  • Added LOD meshes for forests and cities/structures to the landscape. (e.g. you can now see the Tindrem wall and trees in the distance)
  • Applied new temporal anti aliasing (TAA) settings to sharpen the image on highest AA setting. (based on community feedback and other games having similar issues)


  • Updated light intensity for day/night cycle.
  • Increased gravity.
  • Lowered all movement speed by 5%
  • Increased lowest possible swing speed cap by 10% (The fastest weapons are now 10% slower)
  • Increased fast click attack damage by 5%
  • Decreased handle hit damage by 50%
  • All Charge speeds are now 10% faster.
  • All swing speeds are now 10% slower.
  • Holding a full charge attack for too long now diminishes the charge power, making you do less damage. (2 sec after reaching full damage charge)
  • Human females are now 175 cm by default.
  • Reduced idle sway in first person. (the previous patch notes were incorrect)
  • Unlocked the left hand weapon slot so that you can equip shields.
  • Improved day and night updates to make the transitions smoother.


  • Fixed issue with not being able to attack the first second after going into combat mode.
  • Fixed foliage not spawning on several places around the map.
  • Fixed an issue where you could quickly change weapons and mix up some stats on them.
  • Fixed issue where really long chat would come out as a string of strange letters.
  • Fixed a couple of rare crashes.
  • Fixed issue where you could block even when not facing the attacker. (Aka 360 blocking)
  • Stuck command can no longer be spammed and have a 10 sec cool down.

Known Issues:

  • Weapon swing trails are white.
  • Sensitivity slider values for Click-Drag are inverted. (0% gives highest sensitivity and 100% lowest)
  • Charge animation in Click-Drag is a bit glitchy at times.
  • Shields does not display on character in character sheet window.
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