Henrik’s Stream Schedule Update – Bi Weekly Streams

Greetings Mortals, Henrik has been hosting the “Into the Vault” weekly streams for close to 130 weeks straight, where he holds a lengthy QnA session about Mortal Online 2, as well as showing little snippets of things we’ve been working on that week. These streams have been a great way to stay connected with the […]

Territory Control Destruction Timer Update

Greetings Mortals, We are planning to push a server patch during the weekly maintenance this Wednesday. This server patch will include many things such as stability fixes for a node crash, however we are making one change in particular that we wanted to announce ahead of time, as it relates to Territory Control and sieging […]

Patch Notes 1.0.17 – Territory Control, Siege Warfare & Elementalism Spells

Greetings Mortals!  Prepare for a monumental shift in the world of Mortal Online 2. With the introduction of territory control you can now claim land for your guild, expand your influence on the realm, construct settlements and grow in power. You will not be the only one vying for control of Myrland however, so be prepared […]