Mortal Online 2

Announcement | Monthly Dev Stream Change

June 5, 2024

Greetings Mortals,

From this week onward, Henrik will now be hosting his usual developer stream monthly rather than bi-weekly.

With our development schedule being so tightly packed each sprint, it has often been a struggle in the past to organize content for the regular streams, along with trying to fit them into Henrik’s already busy schedule.

We know this change will come as sad news to many in the community who enjoyed the more frequent streams. We want our development streams to come with something interesting to show you all, making it worth your time to stop by.

Hopefully with this new streaming schedule, we will be able to deliver that in a more meaningful way.

We’re aiming to hold the streams shortly before the PTR for each patch every month, so Henrik can go over what will be in the patch in more detail, along with some patch content to show.

See you in Nave

The Star Vault Team

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