Mortal Online 2

Ban Report | July 2022

August 1, 2022

Greetings Mortals,

We have made some changes to some of our policies and would like to address a few topics this month. 

After the report, please read the announcement below.


Here is the ban report for July 2022:

  • 63 accounts were banned in total.
  • 11 accounts were banned for exploiting.
  • 39 accounts were banned for hacking.
  • 8 accounts were banned for duping. We have removed duped items/gold and deleted houses from the game.
  • 5 accounts were banned for extreme targeted harassment. Two of the bans were permanent and 3 were temporary.
  • 2 accounts were reoffenders.
  • Alt F4 Exploit

We will be taking action against players who are using ALT-F4 exploit to force close their clients and escape from a situation safely, giving them an unfair advantage. There are log out timers and blocking volumes for a reason, ALT-F4 is not a game mechanic.

If you are caught doing this by GMs, they will take action and you will receive a strike on your account. The ban severity will depend on your account’s standing and number of existing strikes.

Please review our ban policy if you are unfamiliar with the 3 strike system.

  • Policy Updates and Changes

We have made some updates to our communication and voip policy page which better reflect the changes we made back in May.

New Community Guidelines

We recently announced our new community guidelines, please read the post linked below and review the new guidelines

See you in Nave,

Star Vault

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