Mortal Online 2

Community Guidelines

Updated 20th October 2022

Greetings Mortals,

Welcome to the community guidelines page!

At Star Vault we want to foster a healthy, friendly and mature community that embraces and helps new players, as well as each other.

Below are the rules we have set in place to help with ensuring healthy growth and prosperity for our community platforms.

Community Guidelines

  • Keep all interactions and discussions respectful, civil and productive.

We all know that the competitive nature of our game can lead to many heated and emotionally fuelled moments, and it is sometimes easy to forget that we are all simply here to have fun playing a game. In order to keep the Mortal Online 2 community a safe and pleasant space for everyone, insults and derogatory or excessively vulgar statements such as racism or discrimination will not be tolerated. 

Approaching conversations in a constructive, appropriate and mature manner will always result in a better outcome for everyone.

  • Do not spam messages or posts.

We know that some of these can be quite humorous and a method of expression, however spamming the channels with long messages or copypastas congests the chat and inhibits real discussions people may be trying to have. 

  • Do not harass players, Star Vault staff or members of the moderation team.

This includes hostile private messages or attempting to guess staff identities. Doing so will likely result in a ban from all of our community platforms. 

Offences severe enough, such as “Doxing”, can also result in a permanent ban from the game as well as being reported to the relevant law enforcement authorities. 

Our staff will always treat you with respect, please be respectful to them in return. 

  • Do not discuss controversial political or religious topics, even in an off topic channel.

We understand people with sincerely held beliefs will want to discuss them with others, however our platforms are not the place to do this. There are other more suitable avenues one can use for such discussions and we encourage you to use those.


  • Do not discuss or promote anything that violates our Terms of Service or EULA.
  • Do not abuse or try to circumvent these rules, or the specific rules of a community platform in any way.

Each of our community platforms, such as the official Mortal Online 2 Discord, has it’s own set of specific rules regarding the appropriate etiquette and conduct for that platform.

These rules will still apply to you even if you don’t read them, so we heavily encourage everyone to review the rules before engaging with any discussions. 

We will keep this list updated with any new additions or changes as they come.

We hope these guidelines will help to make sure everyone’s experiences with the community are positive, and memorable.

If you experience any problems while engaging with any of our community platforms, please reach out to either the moderation staff, Lead Moderator Tychon, or Lead Game Master Discord.

You can also create a support ticket here on our website via the help center.

See you in Nave,

Star Vault Development Team

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