Mortal Online 2

Announcement | Regarding the Recent Ban Wave for Exploits

November 21, 2022


We have banned hundreds of player accounts that were engaging in an exploit that allowed them to avoid the full loot nature of Mortal Online 2. 

These bans are permanent, and apply not to individual accounts but to the players themselves. 

In removing such a large portion of players who’s actions have had a negative affect on the game and community, we have further strengthened our stance and commitment to maintaining the integrity of our game.

The total number of removed accounts will be included in this month’s ban report, and Henrik will be sharing some of the data regarding this during his stream this week on Thursday.

Greetings Mortals,

As many in the community are already aware, we have recently banned quite a few accounts due to a specific exploit being used which allowed players to bypass one of the core game mechanics of Mortal Online 2.

We are still collating all the data and the total number of banned accounts will be included in this month’s ban report, however the list is already in the hundreds. Keep in mind many of these offenders had many alt accounts.

Accounts which have been banned for this exploit involving bags have all received permanent bans. 

As in our most recent policy update last month, along with our ban policy, we outline that permanent bans and strikes are applied to the player, not an individual account. This means that if a player has received a permanent ban on any of their accounts they will no longer be permitted to play Mortal Online 2.

Along with their characters, all permanently banned accounts will also have any player houses or strongholds they own deleted from the world along with anything inside them.

These bans are also being applied retroactively to players in the past who may have received an incorrect action on their account instead of a permanent ban.

Our policy also states that we reserve the right to determine which offenses will constitute a strike or warrant progressing directly to a permanent ban. A good example of an exploit that will always constitute a permanent ban is duping items. 

In the case of the bag exploit, this offense was egregious enough in undermining one of the core principles of the game and has had such a widespread negative effect while present that for the health of our game it falls under the category of warranting a permanent ban.

We are very committed to battling exploiting and cheating in our game, and we hope our most recent policy updates and actions reflect that. We know how important it is for the health of the game and community to combat bad actors and ensure a fair field of play, and we are always working to improve our systems and processes to do so.

To appeal a ban please use the help center on our website.

See you in Nave,

The Star Vault Team

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