Mortal Online 2

Announcement | We Are Adding More Servers

February 5, 2022

Dear Mortal Online Community,


The launch has been a struggle when it comes to handling the number of players on Myrland as you all know. We have a core vision of one world and have been working towards that for many years. Not having the ability to get real cases with the amount of players needed to progress in this field makes this a very time consuming step, and mostly, a big frustration for our players. It shouldn’t feel as if our players who bought the game are testing this process. In this I have failed to make it work in an acceptable time frame.

We have done several patches that have increased the overall stable population cap by 300-600 at a time and we are reaching decent numbers for Myrland, but not enough to support our 10k that want to play on Myrland now.

This means we have decided that we need to do what’s necessary to make sure everyone can play directly. This means we will add additional continents, just as planned for future continents like Sarducaa etc, but it will be Myrland for now. You will be able to travel back and forth, as you do between different Haven instances now, and things will remain persistent with your character and guild status. However you will not be able to build on these extra Myrland continents, only on the main one.

This gives us headroom to continue our work on improving our continent’s capacity. We are also working on our upcoming continents that will replace the extra Myrland continents whenever they are ready.

We need a few days until we can deploy these extra continents and let all of you in, and we will update you when we have the final day and time for this.

Henrik Nyström and the Star Vault team


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