Mortal Online 2

Tindrem Tournament – Dueling Elimination

September 20, 2022

Calling all combatants,

Attend the tournament in Tindrem and test your mettle against the realm.

Henrik will be hosting a competitive dueling event during his stream this week, where all are welcome, but only one fighter can claim the first place podium for glory, renown and reward.

Tournament Information

  • Everyone who wishes to attend the event must gather at the Tindrem arena at 7:00 PM UTC on Thursday, the 22nd of September
  • Lictors will be stationed around the edges of the arena and at the entrances to ensure the integrity of the event
  • Players who are participating in the tournament will stand in a circle inside the pillars in the arena
  • Combatants who have not yet fought must stand on the north side of the arena where the white entrance is
  • Combatants who have already fought must then move to the south side of the arena
  • Henrik will pick two people at random from the north group of participants
  • The combatants will duel each other until one is in mercy mode
  • Henrik will decide whether the loser will die, with a thumbs up or down emote
  • A priest will be in the arena for dead participants to return easily, gather their things and spectate
  • After the winner is healed, Henrik will pick another player at random to challenge the winner
  • These rounds will continue until there is only one victorious combatant left
  • The winner will receive a reward of 100 gold coins, and the adoration of the crowd
Participating combatants are encouraged to bring spare weapons, as there is the possibility of fighting multiple opponents in a row. 
If you are spectating the fights, please do not stand on the north side of the arena circle so those who wish to fight can be chosen more easily.

Tournament Rules

  • No horses allowed – Combatants must fight on foot
  • No combat pets allowed – Combatants must fight alone
  • No limitations on armor or weapon materials – Wear what you can afford
  • No limitations on using magic or archery
  • No healing potions allowed – Healing yourself via magic, bandages or Oghmir pipes is allowed
  • Players must remain inside the ring during the fight or be disqualified
  • No interference from anyone else – No healing, assisting or damaging participants. Anyone who interferes with the tournament fights will be removed from the game temporarily, please respect the other participants and attendees during this event.
  • No looting the bags of dead combatants

 We hope to see you there and may the best duelist win,

The Star Vault Team

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