Mortal Online 2

Territory Control PTR3 – Join Henrik For Another Round of Sieging Tonight!

August 9, 2023

Greetings Mortals,

Last night’s siege event was a huge success!

We not only had a fantastic time, but we also found and fixed a nasty crash with the new network configuration we were testing along with getting some amazing recordings.

Henrik will be hosting another round of sieging fun during his stream tonight which starts at 8:00 PM CEST today, the 9th of August.

Everyone is welcome to join us on the territory control PTR. If you missed last night’s event, don’t miss this chance to see all the new mechanics in action as it’s quite a spectacle.

The event will be held at the HRG / Morin Khur Royal Guard Keep.

The location of that keep is here on the map:


Everyone who wishes to attend the event should bring a khurite banner, as it will help differentiate between the attackers and defenders. If you do not have one, fret not for they can be provided.


We will also be spawning special vendors that provide almost every material for free after the first battle, to assist with re-equipping.

See you on the battlefield,

The Star Vault Team

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