Mortal Online 2

Territory Control PTR3 – Starting August 8th

August 7, 2023

Greetings Mortals,

The Territory Control PTR3 starting time has been changed to tomorrow, Tuesday the 8th of August at 3PM CEST.

We wanted very much to open up the PTR server today on Monday, however there remain some necessary fixes we must wrap up before we can do that safely.

We will be organising the siege event later in the day after PTR3 starts.

PTR Siege Event

Tomorrow evening EU time, we are inviting everyone to attend a hosted event for a large scale siege on the PTR.

As this will be the last PTR before the full release of Territory Control, we hope you’ll join us for a final bout of fun.

The exact location and time of this event will be announced tomorrow, however we’re aiming for 7-8 PM CEST.

See you on the PTR,

The Star Vault Team

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