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Territory Control PTR2 Starting July 13th – How to Join & Details

July 11, 2023

Greetings Mortals,

The second Territory Control public test will begin on Thursday July 13th, and is planned to run for 3 days.

In case you missed the first PTR, this post will explain how to access the Steam beta branch for the test once the PTR goes live, along with what to expect on the server.

How to Access the TC PTR

If you already played the first PTR, you can safely skip this section as it will be the same instructions as last time.

Starting at 1 PM UTC on the 13th of July, we will make the PTR beta branch on steam publicly accessible.

To swap to the test branch, simply:

  1. Open your Steam client and right click Mortal Online 2 in your games library.
  2. Click ‘Properties’
  3. Click ‘Betas’ on the left
  4. Using the ‘Beta Participation’ dropdown menu, click on the Mortal Online PTR branch.
  5. Your Steam client will then patch your game over to the test branch, and if the servers are up already you will be free to log in as normal.

Getting Started with Territory Control & Sieging

To help you and your guild hit the ground running once the PTR goes live, we have prepared a manual on our website detailing all the various new systems and mechanics being introduced.

The manual will be updated soon with the changes which have been made since PTR1, so if you have already read the manual it’s still worth looking at it again.


There will also be a link to this manual on the login screen.

How the PTR2 server will work

The PTR2 server will use the same database we used for PTR1, which means anything you built during the last test will still be there, and the PTR2 server will pick up from when PTR1 ended.

Elementalism Testing in PTR2

Along with the below additions, we will also be including the two new Elementalism spell groups in PTR2 to allow for early testing.

To obtain the new spells on the PTR2, we have added the necessary skill books for Elemental Emmanation and Elemental Arrangement to the normal Magic Vendor for 1c each. Most of the spells will also use a placeholder reagent called Cave Amber to allow for easy testing.

The spells will be missing descriptions in the spell book, however.

What Has Changed in PTR2?

All the core Territory Control and Sieging systems from PTR1 are still present, however many of them have received important improvements and iterations.

To list some of the most notable updates:

  • Siege Tents
    • Siege Tents have now been split into 3 separate tents, one for each type of ammunition that is usable with Siege Machines.
    • The way each type of ammunition is shown in the tents has also changed, you can now see the exact amount of remaining ammunition.
      • For example, you may see a pile of 6 Boulders and when you pick one up there will be 5 Boulders left.
    • The resources required for each type of tent is also relative to the kind of ammunition that can be produced with it.
      • For example the Stone Cutting Tent only requires stone for making Boulders, and does not require wood or metal.
    • The tents which produce the different ammunition types are:
      • Stone Cutting Tent – For making Boulders. 
      • Boltsmith’s Tent – For making Ballista Bolts
      • Fire Pot Tent – For making Fire Pots.
    • These changes ensure that you have full control over which ammunition types you want to use, along with making sure you only use resources that make sense for each type, so you aren’t consuming stone when picking up a Ballista Bolt. 
    • The size of each tent has also been reduced and made more compact from PTR1 to help with placement.
    • Siege Machines can now be placed and built within 50m of a siege tent, increased from 30m.
  • Alert Towers & Guild Structure Alerts
    • You may now purchase Alert Tower Plans from the Master Builder who has been placed in every town.
    • Alert Towers will sight any siege tents, siege machines, and players you are at war with when they come within range of the tower.
    • All guilded buildings will now alert the guild with a message that they are under attack each time their health drops by 5%.
  • Supply Towers
    • 20 new Supply Towers have been added to Myrland in key locations.
      • One of the most common points of feedback we received from the PTR1 feedback form (thank you again to all who submitted responses!) was concern regarding the quantity of Supply Towers. Although this is mostly our fault for not communicating the purpose and design behind the towers and their mechanics, we could easily see that adding a few more in key, high traffic locations at high vantage points so they can be seen from afar would help players who are looking for them and to drive more engagement with them.
    • The health and defence values of the towers was unfortunately wrong in the PTR1 and has been corrected now. We will be closely monitoring player experiences with the new values and locations, and will adjust things as needed for PTR3 and the eventual release of TC.
    • When claiming or losing a Supply Tower, you will now see a guild-wide fanfare message (similar to what you see when you earn a new clade level)
  • Guild Defence bonus & Supply Structures
    • The guild structure defence bonus percentage provided by Supply Structures is now visible in the Territory UI page.
    • When a Supply Structure (Such as a Supply Tower, Supply Storehouse or Supply Line) is constructed, you will slowly gain a Guild Defence bonus from it over time until the maximum bonus from that structure has been reached.
    • Similarly, once a Supply Structure has been destroyed, you will lose a certain percentage of the gained bonus defence immediately, followed by slowly losing the remaining bonus over time.
  • Guild Supply
    • The cooldown for the Steward to produce ‘Production Goods’ has been reduced from 30 minutes to 5 minutes to aid with quickly testing on the PTR.
  • Structure Placement Improvements
    • We have made several improvements to make the placement system more lenient. From our internal tests this has been very promising, so we can’t wait to hear your feedback about it.
  • Damaging Siege Machines, Siege Tents and Supply Towers with Elementalism
    • You can now damage structures and vehicles with Elementalism spells that deal blunt damage. Due to the defence values of most structures, they will be extremely ineffective for damaging player houses and most TC structures.
    • Note: Due to an issue we have found in the release candidate we have had to disable the Elementalism spells from damaging structures initially, we plan to hopefully re-enable them in a hotfix for the PTR2 after we have solved the issue.
  • Health & Defence balance of player houses
    • The health and defence values of all player houses, strongholds and keeps have been adjusted for necessary balance for sieging. In all cases their health has been increased, which will unfortunately result in these structures being slightly unbuilt once the PTR goes live as their health will remain the old value.
  • Wheeled Siege Machines
    • Wheeled variants of both siege machines have been added to the Quartermaster NPC.
    • These machines can be moved after they are constructed, with the help of other players pushing the bars.
  • Engineering Skills
    • Basic Engineering and Advanced Engineering now increase the speed of building structures and siege machines.

There are many, many more changes in PTR2 for you to experiment with that have not been mentioned here, but these are the most notable additions.

Reporting Bugs on the PTR

Should you run into any issues on the PTR, please use the normal in game bug reporting tool. Bugs reported on the PTR will have a special flag so we can separate them from live bug reports, so please report anything you find!

Giving Feedback About the PTR

After you have spent some time on the PTR2 and seen all the new systems, we would very much appreciate you taking the time to fill out our feedback survey.

The feedback form will open for responses after the PTR2 has ended to give everyone enough time to experience the PTR, and we will notify everyone with a reminder about the form once the server has closed.

All feedback will be read personally by the design team, and will help ensure we can make Territory Control the best it can be.

We Still Need Your Help!

We will be putting together a trailer for the final Territory Control release, and we would be humbled if anyone would like to lend a hand by recording any spectacular or cinematic events which occur during the PTR. This could range from large siege battles to atmospheric scenarios involving any of the new mechanics.

If you are inclined to take some recordings for the trailer, any video content we may use must have the following features:

  1. 16:9 recordings only (1920×1080, 2560×1440, 3840×2160)
  2. 60fps minimum
  3. Cinematic settings
  4. Steady and smooth mouse movements, no sudden jerky or ‘flicking’ motions etc
  5. UI toggled off (Default keybind is F10)


Please upload any recordings you would like to share with us to a google drive or other cloud storage platform and send a link to Nimbus (nebulousmortal) who you can find in our official MO2 Discord member list under the Star Vault Staff role. 

See you in Nave,

The Star Vault Team

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