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Stream Summary | Into the Vault #98 – QnA & Elementalism Preview

February 22, 2023

Greetings Mortals,

On Wednesday February 15th Henrik hosted his regular weekly stream over on Twitch, Where he hosted a lengthy QnA and showed off some in progress Elementalism spells on our internal test server.

The stream has been archived on our YouTube channel:

Update on Elementalism

The new Elementalism magic school contains 70 spells in total, and although many of these are very close to being finished we do not want to add all 70 to the game all at once so that we don’t have too many moving parts entering the game in one patch.

For this first introduction to Elementalism we will be including 2 of the 7 spell groups, Propulsion and Aggregation. Each group contains 10 spells for a total of 20 in the first patch.

Separating the new magic school into several patches will allow us to better control the balance of each spell without having to keep an eye on all 70, as well as enable us to make tweaks in each new addition to ensure everything is working as intended.


The next patch will come with the first introduction of a long awaited feature, the updated knockdown and dismounting mechanic.

This has always been on the backburner for us as although we know how important it is for gameplay balance and apprecaite the desire for it in the community, creating a proper knockdown animation that syncs well and behaves up to a certain standard is rather time consuming.

The initial plan for this patch was to simply dismount the rider and then lock them in place for a few seconds while their horse kept moving, however we were also able to implement a first animation to go along with this new funcitonality.

The animation is not final however, and the player does not fly in the air how we intend dismounting to work, although it is at least better than not having one.

Updates to Lances

Lances will recieve an update in this next patch to allow them to dismount other riders when dealing sufficient damage.

Additionally, the left and right attacks for lances have been disabled while mounted so you automatically thrust when attacking with a lance.

Lances have also been disabled while on foot, as they were never mean’t to be used on foot and attacking with them results in some unintended damage calculations.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of Mortal Online 2 or a newcomer in the world of Nave, dive into the vault with Henrik on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM UTC to get your questions answered by the CEO and game designer.

 See you in Nave,

The Star Vault Team

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