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Stream Summary | Into the Vault #103 – Molva Armor Sneak Peek

March 27, 2023

Greetings Mortals,

On March 22nd Henrik hosted his regular weekly stream where along with the normal QnA, he showed some previews of the new molva armor we’ve been working on!

The stream has been archived on our YouTube channel:

Molva Armor

Along with the bags for every pet weve been working on, we have also recently finished the new Molva armor.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

As we plan to have craftable armor for every type of pet, our current plan is to create a base style which can then be modified to fit every animal. That way we can ensure you don’t need to wait too long to be able to craft armor for your beloved pets.

This first style is one such set, which we will then adapt to the shape of every animal so it can act as a universal heavy armor style.

We are also thinking of eventually replacing the existing heavy horse armor with this new one (modified for horses of course), as the current one in game is not quite satisfactory to us for several reasons.

Pet Equipment Skill Changes

With these new pet equipment updates, we will be rearranging the pet equipment crafting skill’s child skills.

Although we only have horses and bears, we currently have a setup that requires one primary skill for each animal type. This is not very scalable, as every new creature we introduce bags and armor for would need another whole primary worth of points. Because of this, we have rearranged thoes child skills for this update, so that it works more like armor crafting for players.

Although this may change, the current plan is that you will be able to learn one primary skill for pet equipment crafting which will allow you to craft pet bags for all creatures as well as light armors, followed by further primary skills for medium and heavy armor.

The final design of exactly which skills will be primary and which ones secondary will be stated in the patch notes.

Future Roadmap & Community Polls

After we are finished with the current roadmap we plan to host several community based polls so you can choose what you want to see us work on next.

We are still deciding how we want to run these, with one option being to host them in game.

Update on Elementalism

We are making good progress on the next batch of Elementalism spells, and plan to release them when they are ready.

This may come as an intermediate patch between now and TC, or at the same time depending on how it goes.

Walker Summoning Changes

The current implementation of summoning and controlling walkers with Necromancy is not ideal, as you must first cast a spell to summon a walker, then another to take control of it, and a final spell to direct them to do something.

We will be changing this in a future patch so that you already control any walkers you summon, removing the need to cast Control Undead every time you summon one.

There are quite a few other Necromancy quality of life changes we want to make, so we’re not sure when this will happen and they may all come together as a bundle.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of Mortal Online 2 or a newcomer in the world of Nave, dive into the vault with Henrik on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM UTC to get your questions answered by the CEO and game designer.

 See you in Nave,

The Star Vault Team

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