Mortal Online 2

Win prizes in the great Steppe Sprint

December 29, 2021

Greetings Mortals,


This Thursday December 30th at 19:00 UTC Henrik will be hosting the great Steppe Sprint horse race during his weekly stream.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the race, all you need is a horse.


Race details

  1. The race will start at Meduli and end at Vadda.
  2. The starting point will be outside Meduli, Henrik will start the race during his stream.
  3. Anyone participating in the race must be present at Meduli when the race starts. We will have GMs following the participants and watching the finish line to confirm the winner.
  4. The finish line is the front entrance of Vadda, you must pass through the gate into the town to finish the race.
  5. In true Mortal Online fashion, PvP is allowed during the race, and you may use any means necessary against other players to ensure your victory.
  6. The first participant to cross the finish line wins the race.
  7. The winner will be contacted via discord for their prizes.



  • First place – One Mortal Online 2 mug, one Mortal Online 2 T-shirt of your choice and one Mortal Online 2 Steam key for a friend or yourself


If you can’t make it, Henrik will be streaming the event over on Twitch at

We’re excited to see you all there, and may the best rider win!


Star Vault Development Team

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