Mortal Online 2

Sprint 2 PTR Battle Starting Soon! – How to Join

April 11, 2024

Greetings Mortals,

The Sprint 2 Public Test Realm battle event is starting soon!

Come and try out the new changes early and participate in a siege battle at 8:00 PM CEST on the PTR server!

How to Join

How to access the PTR

  • Open your Steam client and right click Mortal Online 2 in your games library.
  • Click ‘Properties’
  • Click ‘Betas’ on the left
  • Using the ‘Beta Participation’ dropdown menu, click on the ‘Mortal Online Public Test Realm’.
  • Your Steam client will then patch your game over to the test branch, and if the servers are up already you will be free to log in as normal.
  • The download for this PTR should be close to 4GB.


The event will be held at this location in the North East of Myrland, circled in red on the map.

Once you are on the PTR, you can ask for a teleport to the event location in help chat by typing /h.

Everyone is welcome to join, and stay to hang out after the event has ended.

See you on the PTR,

The Star Vault Team

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