Mortal Online 2

Attend the Second Tournament of Tindrem

November 28, 2022

Calling all combatants, once more into the fray!

Attend the second Tournament of Tindrem this Thursday and test your mettle against the best fighters of the realm.

Henrik will be hosting this competitive event during his stream this week, where all are welcome, but only one team of two can claim the first place podium for glory, renown and reward.

Attending the Tournament

  • Everyone who wishes to attend the event must gather at the Tindrem arena by 7:00 PM UTC on Thursday, the 1st of December.
  • Guards will be stationed around the edges of the arena and at the entrances to ensure the integrity of the event. These guards will belong to the Republic of Nordveld, so players with negative standing with the Tindremic Provinces may attend the event. There are entrances to the South and East of the Arena that do not have any Tindremic guards stationed. 
  • We have chosen Republic of Nordveld guards to maximize the number of people who can attend the event, if you have negative standing with the Republic of Nordveld we do apologize but you will not be able to attend this tournament as the guards will attack you.

Information for Combatants

  • Each round of the tournament will be a 2v2. Two teams of two will fight each other until mercy at a time. The fights will be bracketed and progress in rounds.
  • When a combatant enters mercy mode, they are out of the fight for that round. If their partner goes on to win the round, they will still progress to the next round with their partner.
  • If your team wins a fight, simply wait in the audience until you are called upon for your next round.
  • One of the teams will be assigned to wear banners, so the audience may keep track of who is on which team, so please bring a banner.
  • A priest will be present in the arena for accidental deaths to return easily, gather their things and spectate.
  • Participating combatants are encouraged to bring spare weapons, as you may fight multiple opponents in a row.

Victor’s Spoils & Event Donations

The winners will each receive a suit of ceremonial engraved golden Draconigena Armatus armor and a rare house throne decoration as a trophy, along with the adoration of the crowd.

The victors will also each receive half of whatever is donated to the event prize pool by the community. If you wish to donate something for the victorious team in this tournament, please mail it to “Nebulous” in Tindrem.

Anything mailed to this name will be included in the prize pool, apart from obvious junk so please keep it limited to mostly gold, decent items or useful materials. If we get an overload of donations we may need to select only the most valuable contributions so as to not flood the winners with items. Anything not given to the winners will be sent back to you in the mail.

If you have something that you would like to donate but do not want to transport it to Tindrem, please contact “Nimbus#7238” on the official Mortal Online 2 Discord.

Tournament Rules

  • No horses allowed – Combatants must fight on foot
  • No combat pets allowed – Combatants must fight alone
  • Weapons, armor and shields are restricted to steel at best
  • No limitations on using magic or archery – Apart from Ahk Bond which is not allowed, and Necromancy due to the spells making you a criminal as the guards would kill you. All spells must be cast after the round starts, mages cannot pre-cast spells before the round begins. You may not have magic reflect on yourself before the round starts.
  • No healing potions or food such as Blood Kua allowed – Healing yourself via magic, bandages or Oghmir pipes is allowed
  • Players must remain inside the ring during the fight or be disqualified
  • No interference from anyone else – No healing, assisting, damaging or looting participants. Anyone who interferes with the tournament fights will be removed from the game, please respect the other participants and attendees during this event.

Registering as a Combatant

  • Combatants wishing to compete in the tournament must choose a partner, and register via sending your team’s character names to “Nimbus#7238” on the official Mortal Online 2 Discord to confirm. 
  • Both players will need to send a message stating that they wish to compete in the tournament, and who their partner is.
  • Your team will then be placed into the participants list and automatically sorted into a bracket for the first rounds.
  • You may view the current brackets here, although they may be re-sorted before the tournament starts:
  • The participant limit is 64 teams of two, so make sure to register early if you want to be guaranteed a spot in the tournament.
  • We encourage everyone to register even if the list is already full, as we may need to substitute some teams on the day of the tournament for whatever reason, and any excess registrations will be placed in a waiting list for this purpose.

 We hope to see you there and may the best duo win,

The Star Vault Team

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