Launching January 25th

We're in the endgame now!

We are very happy to announce the release of our new feature trailer, which marks the transition into the final stretch leading up to the release of Mortal Online 2 on January 25th.

Between now and then we will be running several in game events for our beta testers, as well as some exciting giveaways and contests. We have also made some changes to how we do things here on our website.

Of course we will still be maintaining the two patch per month schedule that we have been sticking to for over a year now, releasing exciting new features, content, bug fixes and polish every two weeks. 


See below for a list of everything that will be going on!

Watch the official trailer


Huge Player Battles

Some of the most enjoyed events we have run throughout the closed beta have been large organised battles with hundreds of players brawling it out on the open field.

We will be running several of these large fights as in game events as we move closer to release, both in open areas as well as making use of the new Tindrem arena.

Stay tuned for the announcements of these battles. 


Weekly Developer Streams

Our CEO and creative director of Mortal Online II, Henrik Nystrom, has been streaming every Thursday for many months now, always engaging for hours on end answering questions from excited players as well as showing sneak peaks of things in development.

These weekly streams will continue, but we’ll be mixing in some co streams with other team members at times to give the community even more insight into how Mortal Online II is being made, and the great minds behind it all. 

Keep an eye on our weekly news posts to see what each stream will be about that week. 


Rare Creature Hunt

We will be running a great hunt for all of Nave’s skilled hunters.

Prove you are the best hunter in Nave to win some exciting prizes such as extra free copies of the game for your friends, game time on release or even some Mortal Online 2 merch! 

A creature will be named before the hunt begins, simply kill as many of this creature as you can before the timer runs out.

The top 3 players with the most kills win!

Keep an eye on our news posts to not miss the announcement of this event.

Horse race

Put your horse and riding skills to the test in a race around one of Myrland’s scenic locations.

All you have to do to win is cross the finish line first, however in classic Mortal Online fashion there will be no guarantee of safety, and you may use any means necessary to ensure you and your friends are the first ones to cross that line. 

Keep an eye on our news posts to not miss the announcement of this event.

Fishing Competition

With the addition of fishing coming mid December, we find it only fitting to host a fishing competition and put the players of Nave to the test. 

There are several rare fish that roam the waters of Nave, which will require a cunning fisherman to catch.

The fisherman who manages to catch the biggest fish of all wins the contest, although this will be easier said than done. 

Keep an eye on our news posts to not miss the announcement of this event.

Screenshot contest

We will be running a competition during the closed beta for all prospective photographers. 

To participate, simply capture screenshots of anything in the game you find interesting or beautiful, then:


  1. Follow us on twitter
  2. Post your screenshot tagging @MortalOnline with the hashtag #MO2Photographer


  1. Post your screenshot as a comment on our pinned Facebook post

   3. Wait to see if you win!


We will pick 5 of our favourite screenshots and the 3 winners will be voted on by the community in an online poll!

Keep an eye on our news posts to not miss the announcement of this event.