Mortal Online 2

Public Test Realm Hotfix Notes

October 20, 2023

Guilds and Territory Control

  • Fixed an issue causing supply to not be drained when buying goods from Guild Vendors.

Buildings and Placement

  • Supply Storehouses now only add defence to structures which are within 100m of them.
  • Removed the limit of only being able to build 1 Supply Storehouse.
  • Supply Storehouses now have a placement check, which will not allow placement if you are trying to place one too close to another Supply Storehouse.
  • Fixed a mismatched wall piece in keep walls

Changes to Game Settings

  • Tweaked all video setting levels for client performance.
  • Removed Use Recommended Settings from video settings.
  • Fixed issue where lower quality settings broke the appearance of some surfaces in the game due to material quality changes.

UI and Interactions

  • Fixed a potion exploit.
  • Fixed the mistake where zones from Myrland were visible in the Haven map.
  • Added a timeout to the loading screen that forces a level streaming flush if the player is stuck for more than 60 seconds while streaming levels. This should fix some players getting stuck on 9899% loading progress.

Movement and Combat

  • Fixed issue where some weapons that can’t do weakspot hits instead got a guaranteed weakspot hit.
  • Parry attacks now have a lower charge duration than normal attacks. This should make the Parry attacks the same speed as before the increased charge duration.
  • Fixed bug where outofworld recovery would try to recover at a preteleport location (teleport to priest or by GM).
  • Fixed bug where outofworld recovery would not handle an infinite falling state when a teleport failed.
  • Fixed issue where the loading screen closed too early during level streaming causing players to fall through the ground. It happened frequently when being teleported by GMs, sometimes when teleporting to priests.

Lighting, Weather and Environment

  • Lighting adjustments in some points of interest.
  • Various updates to meshes and lighting in the surroundings near the necro dungeon.
  • Fixed various lighting and shadow issues in Fabernum and Kranesh.
  • Some slight adjustments to the world fog.
  • Fixed issue with the bow string turning dark while in shadow.
  • Fixed issue with one landscape piece south of colorful forest not loading in.
  • Fixed issue where some terrains looked flat and desaturated in the distance due to high specular values.
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