Mortal Online 2

Patch Public Test Realm Starting 8th March!

March 4, 2024

Greetings Mortals,

Our next update is just around the corner!

We will be holding the PTR for the coming patch on Friday the 8th of March, and letting it run over the weekend.

Our next update comes with a brand new dungeon to delve, however this will not be accessible on the PTR as we wouldn’t want to spoil it!

On this PTR you can still get your hands on the most significant changes early:

Mount Stamina Overhaul

We have made some major quality of life improvements to mounts, such as an overhaul to mount stamina, allowing you to travel the world more seamlessly.

  1. All mounts now drain and regenerate stamina at the same rate.

  2. All mounts now regenerate stamina quickly in second speed, and very slowly while in third speed.

    This means you can always ride in third speed without needing to slow down.

  3. All mounts now only drain stamina while boosting / sprinting (4th speed).

  4. All mounts have had their maximum stamina values rebalanced.

  5. All mounts have had their speeds adjusted. Some very slightly, others more significantly.

These changes are targeted at making travelling the world more enjoyable, as you should no longer need to slow down, dismount and run in a straight line while your mount regenerates stamina.

The rebalanced stamina amounts and boost / sprint speeds and drain rates are also intended to allow for more tactical decision making around when you choose to use your stamina to increase your speed, with certain mounts being better at shorter, faster sprints, while others are more suited for maintaining decent speeds for a longer time.

You Can Now Ride Bears!

All types of bears can now be ridden as mounts.

Black, Brown and White bears all have new stats while mounted, and we would love to hear your feedback on their balance!

Combat Polish

Additionally, we have made a massive update to melee combat fluidity, with the introduction of:

  1. A new secondary weapon set you can quickly swap between with a dedicated keybind


  2. Smoother inputs with the ability to hold down an input while performing an action, and have that input register / trigger as soon as your current action has ended.

    For example holding RMB to block while you’re mid swing, will trigger the block instantly as soon as your current swing has finished. Previously the game would simply ignore your inputs while performing an action.

  3. The ability to perform common tactics with less button presses, such as holding down LMB and tapping your Feint keybind to feint and instantly start charging an attack in a new direction.

    Previously you had to repress LMB every time you wanted to start a new swing, which is no longer necessary.

  4. A highlighted border around any equipped weapons you have on your action bars.

  5. Dismemberment has made a return, allowing you to chop and slice your foes into pieces.

PTR Event

We will be hosting a simple event during the PTR to try out all the new combat changes.

Currently this event is planned to be a traditional two sided battle with randomized teams, one with banners and one without.

However, depending on how it goes on the day we may be able to set up some more interesting and fun scenarios for those who attend, and of course everyone is welcome to hang around before and after the main event.

We can’t wait to see you on the PTR!

We Want Your Feedback!

We will be hosting a feedback survey after the PTR has ended, where you can tell us all of your thoughts about what you experienced on the PTR.

Your feedback will help us to improve the patch wherever necessary, and is extremely valuable for us.

See you on the PTR,

The Star Vault Team

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