Mortal Online 2

Patch Notes – New Dungeon, FSR 3, New Combat Mechanic & Balance

January 24, 2024

We have just released a new update for Mortal Online 2, containing a brand new dungeon called the Undercroft, integration for FSR 3 Frame Generation to give all graphics cards an enormous FPS boost, a new combat mechanic and combat balance and of course a long list of bug fixes and polish!

Notable Changes

  • A new dungeon, the Undercroft, can now be found somewhere in the middle of Myrland.
  • Krampos has left Tindrem and will be back again next winter.
  • Added support for AMD FSR3 Upscaling and Frame Generation in the game settings. This is supported by all GPUs. Frame Generation requires DX12.
  • Fixed issue with the Epic Games Store version of the game not correctly saving UI settings.
  • Multiple changes have been made to improve both level streaming delays and game freezes. We are working actively to improve these issues.
  • The visual appearance of the heavy horse armor has been replaced.
  • Updated large parts of the spirit farming experience.

Etherworld Combat

  • You can no longer attack the body of a spirit if it still has active orbs.
  • Spirits now stop attacking their target if the target is banished.
  • Spirits now make a sound and have an effect when they appear.
  • Spirit orbs now have an effect and a sound when they charge their attack.
  • Spirit orb now reacts more when you cancel their attack.
  • Spirits now have better targeting.
  • Target timers for spirit orbs are now less random.
  • Spirits now play an animation when they have no orbs left.
  • Spirits now have better effects when they are removed.
  • Fixed issue where spirits would sometimes attack without the effect.
  • Fixed issue that made spirits less aggressive if there were banished players around.
  • Fixed some issues with the spirit particles.
  • Spirits no longer teleport.
  • Spirit Kau is no longer split between each orb.

Movement and Combat

  • Charging an attack until the charge circle blinks will now allow for a feint while maintaining the charged power. We will be keeping a close eye on this new combat mechanic for any necessary balance adjustments.
  • Increased one handed weapon miss recovery time to 500ms (was 360ms).
  • Increased Counter Reduction damage mitigation from 40% to 60%.
  • Increased swing normalization time slightly. This allows clients to sync attack animations better and will result in higher ping players experiencing less attacks going through parries.
  • Reduced the duration for disabling input while switching weapons and shields.
  • Added better handling of players going out-of-world-bounds.
  • Fixed rare issue that made weapons invisible for a short time after equipping a bow.
  • Fixed an issue where bows didn’t do damage.


  • Removed default behavior for AI with bows that made them keep their distance to their target by moving away from the player. Some AI will still use this behavior though.
  • AI with both melee and ranged equipment should now switch to melee equipment more often when players come close to them.
  • Reworked AI ranged attack code, they will now miss like intended. 10% miss rate at 50% of max range, and up to 60% miss rate at 100% max range.
  • Fixed issue with enemies getting stuck doing nothing if their target moved out of range while they were charging their bow.
  • Spawners can no longer spawn inside of houses or territory structures.
  • Fixed an issue where traps/boss doors were being triggered when they should not have been.

UI and Interactions

  • Players that use /droploot with no items to drop will no longer drop an empty loot bag.
  • Fixed issue with language options impacting what commands you could use in the chat, for example emotes did not work while having language set to Swedish.
  • Fixed issue where pickable field instances could get stuck in a visible state despite being removed. This happened with the pickable bags during the Krampos event.
  • Fixed bug where aiming with a siege machine would continue to rotate slowly despite being aligned with the crosshair.


  • You will now gain XP for the magic school you are currently using based on the mana cost of the spell. This makes leveling magic schools much faster.
  • Updated tracing to improve aiming while using spells.

Attributes, Skills and Clade Gifts

  • Full Khurites, Sidoians and Kallards total attribute point pool was increased to 474.
  • ‘Stalker’ Clade Gift should now work as intended and reduces the range at which you can be spotted by 30% (does not apply to guards) and decreases aggro generated by 10%.
  • Thursar clade gift ‘Adamant’ is now a togglable buff, you can freely toggle this on and off. The toggle has a 10 second cooldown.
  • Passive regen now ticks every 6 seconds from 0-1 instead of every 60 seconds from 0-10.

Mounts and Pets

  • Mount boost mode no longer turns off automatically.
  • Rider and passengers of a mount will now be knocked down upon abandoning the mount.
  • Reduced the duration for disabling input while mounting and dismounting.
  • Fixed issue causing pet equipment not to give defenses after crossing node lines.
  • Fixed an issue where mount stamina updates were inconsistent over time.
  • Fixed an issue where using the boost while riding a mount would drain too much stamina.
  • Fixed bugs where beast mastery buffs related to mount riding would sometimes last for too long.

Buildables, Houses and Territory Control

  • Guild NPCs that are killed now respawn after 20 minutes instead of 5 minutes.
  • Supply tower guild defense provided was reduced from 3% to 2%.

Lighting, Weather and Environment

  • Multiple fixes to landscapes, floating objects and some cleanup in dungeons.

Game Rendering and Performance

  • Updated engine settings to reduce image smearing and improve sharpness.
  • Made several changes to how items are handled on the server and the client, greatly reducing the performance cost of item handling.
  • Changed game compression settings and package structure to reduce disk read delays to improve game streaming. This greatly reduces the installation size but adds some CPU cost to the background threads. This will also cause future patches to download more data.
  • Change max FPS to be controlled by NVIDIA Reflex (when enabled) instead of by the engine. This means that if you have max FPS set at 60 and enable Frame Generation, it will respect that limit instead of doubling max FPS to 120. This also fixes an issue where Frame Generation would get framerate stutter in some scenes when locking the FPS.
  • Disabled multithreaded generation of creature fur to see if it is the cause for the game locking up several seconds for some players.
  • Fixed a rare client crash.
  • Fixed a crash when updating bow animations.
  • Made several large improvements on the server that should improve stability and greatly reduce server stalls.

Known Issues

  • Several issues got introduced after upgrading Mortal Online 2 to UE5, some of which are listed below. We are working on identifying and solving the root cause for these issues.
  • The game sometimes gets invisible landscape patches. You can still run on them normally.
  • The game sometimes freezes for several seconds.
  • Some players are experiencing extremely long streaming times causing parts of the world not to load in when moving around (missing landscapes, low resolution meshes and textures, etc).
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