Mortal Online 2

Patch Notes 1.0.5

September 1, 2022

Greetings Mortals!


This patch brings with it a myriad of fixes and improvements to several aspects of the game. Most notably, this patch will introduce a tentative fix for the ghost player problem. An issue where players would sometimes appear in multiple locations at once.

While the team is still firmly focused on fixing and polishing the game, that does not mean we don’t have at least a few new things to share with you!

For starters tower shields are being added, a new type of shield that is much larger than their existing counterparts. Alongside these new shields comes an update to shields as a whole that will update their role within the game.

In addition to the tower shields, our first points of interest batch arrives to Myrland. Keen adventurers may now run into new and exciting locations throughout the world. These new locations vary in both size and scope. Be sure to take a look, who knows what you may find?

Furthermore, a peculiar researcher has appeared outside of the Descensus monastery, who will exchange items for the curiosities found within. Beyond what they have available to trade, such a bookish individual may very well have information that would help one obtain coveted knowledge of esoteric practices.


Take a look at the full list below and as always let us know what you think!


See you in Nave.

-The Star Vault Team


  • Added Tower shields.
  • Added a batch of new point of interest locations to the world.
  • Added the ability to toggle criminal actions with a hotkey. (Default key bind is N) A new icon will appear on screen while criminal actions are active.
  • Added a new Advanced Management skill book. This should alleviate the issue with not being able to level up the Management passed 70 if your Negotiation skill is leveled up too high.
  • Added a new bounty hunter achievement.
  • Added many new profession specific titles.
  • Added experimental UI scaling option. If you encounter any issues with elements going off screen you may use the UI reset button to fix it.
  • Added a new vendor outside of the Descensus dungeon.


  • The extra stamina cost of blocking with a shield has been removed.
  • Shields now mitigate more damage when blocking attacks that can not be parried from strong AI.
  • Shield weight now contributes to equipped armor weight.
  • Updated the icons of existing titles.
  • Adjusted the requirements for unlocking various achievements on Steam.
  • Updated the upkeep display on houses. It now shows remaining days, hours, and minutes instead of just minutes.
  • The Mental Leash debuff will no longer get removed if you take damage.
  • Updated the damage types that the Ultumeki hits with.
  • Player owned house passwords are now obfuscated by default. There is now a new visibility toggle that will allow you to view the entered password.
  • Adjusted character body shapes across the board. Bodies should now represent their status (skinny, stout etc) in a more accurate manner. This change also fixed some bad shapes on armors that happened when you had a character that was both strong and overweight.
  • The Necromantic Rituals skill now affects the stats of summoned ritual creatures.
  • The core of the UI has been refactored. Notable changes include improved UI Zorder (how elements are sorted on top of each other), improved loading sequences and fade transitions. A slight performance increase might be expected due to less overdraw from onscreen effects.
  • Reduced the interactable region of the horizontal compass to reduce the risk of dragging it by mistake.
  • Lowered the strength requirement for all Poleswords (only affects weapons crafted post patch).
  • Balanced the effect bonuses of currencies and artifacts when raising Ritual Pets.
  • Adjusted the stats of the Tupilak, it was previously too strong and has now been weakened.
  • The concentration skill now provides a 60% resistance to interruptions while maxed out. (Up from the previous 50%) Note that all characters have a base value of 10% as well.
  • Reduced the casting time of spells while mounted from 2x to 1.5x.
  • The Styganthrope clade gift has been changed. It was previously as follows:
  • You regain 3.33 health every 10 seconds, and the effect of passive regeneration is doubled. But you gain 35% less health when being healed.
  • You regain 1 health every 3 seconds, and the effect of passive regeneration is doubled. But you gain 20% less health when being healed.


  • Tentative fix for the “ghost player” issue where a clone of a player would appear in the wrong location.
  • Fixed being able to pull fish out of the ocean instantly.
  • Fixed being able to level up pets instantly at the stables.
  • Fixed being able to bypass the coin on delivery cost of a letter containing an item.
  • Fixed being able to transport items safely through the world by keeping the coin on delivery window open.
  • Fixed being able to transport items safely with a mount.
  • Fixed being able to transport items safely while in spirit form.
  • Fixed being able  to run at combat speed with your weapon sheathed after right clicking a deed in your inventory.
  • Fixed being able to run at combat speed after right clicking a campfire in your inventory.
  • Fixed being able to enter the Necromancy dungeon through the one way exits.
  • Fixed music getting muted when reaching the character screen.
  • Fixed sometimes getting stuck in mouse mode after closing a message box.
  • Fixed an issue where stabling a pet would sometimes result in a ‘ghost’ duplicate pet appearing.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur while interacting with objects such as crafting tables.
  • Fixed magic reflect showing multiple buffs after crossing a nodeline.
  • Fixed the Coraxi Birdkeepers not paying you after you sold them items.
  • Fixed issue where you could sometimes move too early during the loading screen sequence. You can now move first when the loading screen starts to fade out.
  • Fixed being able to sell ritual pets at the broker.
  • Fixed safe spot that could be exploited in the Gaul’Kor Spider Queen’s lair.
  • Fixed having to turn on criminal actions in order to loot the loot bags of guild mates.
  • Fixed various sound effects that got stuck looping.
  • Fixed being able to kill the Veredari postmen.
  • Fixed 60+ issues with the environment and terrain.
  • Fixed issue where decorations would load several seconds later than the house or keep they belonged to. This would sometimes cause players to login to empty houses for a brief moment.
  • Game settings are no longer loaded a second time after logging in.
  • Fixed issue with the game settings being broken at low resolutions or unusual aspect ratios.
  • Fixed issue with logging out to main menu not being a proper level transition, causing the game to freeze until it was loaded. This would also cause the intro movie to freeze.
  • Fixed issue where pressing log out in the character selection screen would reload the main menu.
  • Fixed player owned houses sometimes costing zero upkeep.
  • Fixed Ahk bond not functioning as intended. It should now properly reduce the damage received by the caster and pass it on to the bonded target.
  • Fixed pets not giving clade experience to their owners after a kill.
  • Fixed Risar glaive having the same slashing and piercing stats as a Heavy glaive.
  • Fixed miscellaneous spelling mistakes.
  • Fixed pet menus sometimes breaking until you stable your pets.

Known Issues

These issues were detected just as we were ready to deploy the patch. We would have to rerun our whole testing process to include them and we don’t want to delay the patch another week.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

  • The game settings for DLSS and FPS limit gets reset each time you login to the game world. DLSS is turned off and FPS locked to 60 FPS. You need to manually change them back after you enter the game. This happens because we need to lock the FPS in the main menu and that change accidentally persists after entering the game.
  • EAC can sometimes be a bit slow to initialize causing you to fail to login. Please wait a couple of seconds before pressing the login button if this happens.
  • Deleting your character and trying to login afterwards can cause you to fail connecting to the server. Restart the game if this happens.
  • Playing the game for a long time can cause it to get various lowlevel engine crashes in DX12 mode. It keeps happening even when you start a new session of the game. We recommend restarting your PC if this happens as it will fix the issue. We are investigating why this is happening with DX12.


We recommend installing the latest drivers and not overclocking PC components if you are experiencing frequent crashes. We are still seeing players having recurrent driver related crashes due to overclocking and can’t do anything about crashes caused by the driver shutting down or causing a GPU timeout in the operating system.


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