Mortal Online 2

Patch Notes 1.0.4

July 22, 2022

Greetings Mortals!

This is our largest patch to date and it contains a significant amount of new content, changes, fixes, and improvements to all areas of the game.

First and foremost, you can now explore our latest magic school and try your hand at raising powerful creatures! With the addition of Necromancy, many new options are presented to players interested in the darker side of magic.

Perform gruesome rituals, combining the carcasses of various creatures with mystical artifacts in order to create the most powerful minions possible. Cast fearsome spells that blind and disorient your enemies and send your undead minions to finish the job.

Necromancers who truly hone their craft may even be able to summon the putrid and fearsome Tupilak. A grisly abomination made of flesh and bone, ready to wreak havoc upon its master’s enemies.

All of this is possible with the latest Necromancy magic school!

Need a place to try out your new nefarious powers? Why not search for the new dungeon that has been added somewhere out in the world? Rumor has it that this new place holds many new secrets and unforeseen perils. Beware that not everything is as it seems..

Next up is a new boss that has been added which is the first entry into our ‘massive’ category. This fearsome creature awaits you somewhere deep in the remote parts of Myrland. Best of luck to those foolhardy enough to venture into its domain..

With the addition of several new places to explore, how about doing so while dressed in a way that shows your adversaries that you mean business? Crafters may now create legendary armor pieces with new intricate designs that set you apart. In addition to this, legendary shields are also being made available to craft for those intrepid adventurers who want the best of the best.

Lastly we have a myriad of changes and fixes that affect all areas of the game. Such as improved mount behavior and expanding on AI behaviors which allow them to be much more complex than previously possible.

Take a look at the full notes below and let us know what you think!

See you in Nave,

Star Vault development team


  • You can now equip a shield with lances.
  • Added a new chat command /report to open the bug report window directly. The game menu button is still the same.
  • Added the ability to craft legendary shields.
  • Added the ability to craft legendary armor pieces.
  • Added interactive lore books & notes to the world.
  • Added trinket vendors to Haven.
  • You can now get trinkets in Haven as a rare drop.
  • Expanded the AI:
  • AI can now spawn with buffs.
  • AI can now have more interesting hit zones instead of just distance from the AI.
  • Added support for static AI.
  • Added proper support for AI weak spots that turn on and off.
  • AI can now have attacks it only uses if you are far away.
  • Added support for aggro based on distance.
  • AI can now be set to ignore going into mercy mode.
  • AI can now spawn loot in other positions than its own position.
  • Added a new massive boss.
  • Added a new dungeon.
  • Added a new accompanying boss to the new dungeon.
  • Added new enemies that may be encountered in the new dungeon.
  • Added new Necromancy magic school:
  • Several new necromancy spells.
  • Rituals can be performed in order to raise minions.
  • Added undead versions of most creatures in the game.


  • Activated clade gift experience sharing with healers again.
  • Renamed some trinket effects:
  • Skill Trinket Luck is now called Trinket Effect Luck.
  • Trinket Luck is now called Gem Effect Luck.
  • Rare Trinket Luck is now called Rare Trinket Gem Luck.
  • Legacy trinkets will now check for a version update when recharged. This means that the trinket will increase its base and gem tier to be in line with the current trinket balance.
  • You can now cancel a spell while charging by using the keybind ‘Walk/Feint/Interrupt Spell’.
  • The /loot chat command now checks a bigger area beneath you for loot bags.
  • Untamed or unowned AI will no longer reset the criminal debuff of a player
  • Added the option to make AI pet immune meaning pets will not attack the ai.
  • The following bosses are now pet immune:
  • Clothos Maiden Queen
  • Minotaur King
  • Nitre Queen
  • Sator Vessel
  • Removed some priests close to dungeons.
  • If many spiritists attack one spirit only one will receive the rewards.
  • Bosses will now reset in a better way when they no longer have a target
  • Bosses will now reset even if there are dead players close to it.
  • Added better leashing and stuck checks for AI.
  • You no longer progress towards “the watchman” achievement when killing scoundrels.
  • Changed some dynamic spawners in the world that spawned too many creatures.
  • Getting hit by regular AI will no longer reset your criminal status. It will only be affected when getting hit by guards, players and their pets.
  • You can now intentionally fizzle spells using the Walk/Feint/Interrupt spell keybind.
  • Mana, cast time, range, and damage tweaks on thunderlash and flamestrike.

Quality of life

  • You can now left click on a spell in the spellbook UI to lock the spell & its spell page, making it easier to see stats and what reagents are necessary to cast it.
  • Added tooltips for spells in the actionbar.
  • Added pet equipment category to the broker
  • You can now put trinkets in bags.
  • You can now close the ‘delete items’ UI by pressing esc.

Changes to UI

  • Improved the bug report window with categories and some other changes. This will help us categorize incoming reports in the backend.
  • Updated the Map UI.
  • Potion units are now shown in the tooltip of potions.
  • Update descriptions on the engraver tool.
  • Updated all spell descriptions.
  • The house password field now resets when you interact with a building.

Changes to magic reflect

  • Fixed bug where casting an ecumenical reflect spell on self would not renew an existing buff and instead cancel it.
  • Fixed bug where you would not be flagged as a criminal when casting a spell that reflected back.
  • You can no longer use ecumenical reflection to avoid being killed in mercy mode.
  • The ecumenical reflection spell can now be used to protect against AI spells.
  • The ecumenical reflection spell can now be cast on AI (including pets) and will reflect spells.
  • Some bosses will be too powerful for reflection to work against them.
  • You will now see and hear an effect when a spell is successfully reflected off a target (shield will visually dispel).
  • Some spells will now be unaffected by the ecumenical reflect shield, such as healing spells. The shield will remain untouched if that happens.
  • Fixed animation bug where casting a spell on a target that reflected your spell back to you would make you play a self-cast animation.
  • Fixed bug where a reflected spell would sometimes spawn particles in both locations.

Changes to swimming

  • Fixed a bug where you would stop swimming and be able to run on the sea or lake floor.
  • Fixed bug where dismounting a horse in water, or the horse died while mounted, would cause you to drop instantly to the bottom and take damage. Sometimes being able to run around.
  • Fixed a bug where dismounting and mounting a horse again while swimming would cause it to almost not be able to move.

Changes to movement

  • Fixed bug where an AI that failed to find ground would get a bad position update and run briefly to a different position than intended.
  • Improved AI acceleration and deceleration so that movement is less sudden, especially in combat.
  • Fixed bug where the body in first person view would sometimes flip/reset its animation direction when starting and stopping.
  • Fixed issue with undeads getting sporadic hitches and stuttering due to bad angular velocity calculations in animation updates.

Changes to mounts and auto steering

  • Mounts now regenerate stamina faster.
  • Mount collision now covers the player. This means that you can no longer ride through areas where the player won’t fit on top of the horse. This will fix some issues but instead cause a specific issue with bringing mounts into low door frames in player housing until we solve in-house navigation for pets.
  • You can no longer mount a horse if there is not enough space above it.
  • Mounts will no longer auto-steer while swimming.
  • Fixed a few issues and improved the turning animation while swimming on a mount.
  • Mounts no longer slow down and try to avoid steep slopes and stairs that are still traversable.
  • Mount auto-steering is now adjusted based on speed, being stronger at higher speeds.
  • Player input now takes full control over the mount. Letting go of input leaves control back to the mount.
  • Mount auto-steering while avoiding obstacles is now limited to the same turn rate as when the player is in control. Mounts could previously turn faster on their own than when the player was turning.
  • Fixed bug where mount auto-steering would sometimes turn into an obstacle instead of away from it.
  • Mounts should no longer full-break (effectively get stuck) when too close to objects they are trying to steer away from.
  • Fixed issue where the neck of the mount would get strong left and right turns when moving into obstacles.
  • Both the mount and player will now take damage from drowning or environmental damage like lava (only the player took damage before).


  • Improved stability in procedural animation for first person arms in combat at low frame rates. A sudden drop in framerate could cause the arms of the character to get exaggerated movement.
  • Possible crash fix for jungle crash. Engine crash reports have been unclear for what the cause is.
  • Fixed rare crash during loading screen related to player combat mode.
  • Fixed rare crash that happened when logging out or exiting the game.
  • Fixed some potion descriptions.
  • Fixed some minor bugs related to item/spell slot click events not firing properly.
  • Fixed visual bug where trinket effects did not update correctly for the client when you lost all trinket charges on equipped trinkets.
  • You will no longer unequip trinkets when they lose their final charge.
  • Fixed trinkets defense & damage buffs % not working correctly.
  • Fixed bug where trinket ‘magic defense’ reduced healing received.
  • Fixed bug where pets did not correctly check if they are allied to the target they are attacking, causing the owner to be flagged as criminal.
  • When guards notice your walkers & ritual pets you will turn criminal.
  • Fixed bug where hitting your own criminal pet would reset your criminal flag.
  • Fixed several issues when determining which spells you are allowed to cast or not with criminal actions disabled.
  • Fixed bug causing [mind] hits on pets(head hits..) to get modified for bonus effect twice.
  • Fixed bug where you could fill buy orders from another broker location.
  • Fixed various UI bugs with broker/petbroker, such as items sometimes attempting to display as pets.
  • -Fixed bug in broker where opening item broker and then pet broker caused the pet broker to not show any pets.
  • -AI will now leash after a small delay if they previously had a target but does not anymore(target died or something).
  • AI spellcasters now have a new combat stance instead of using an existing combat set for another weapon group.
  • Fixed several instances where AI did not use it’s magic defense correctly.
  • Fixed AI spawn animation bug where you would see the idle pose for a brief moment before playing the animation. It was due to animation optimizations in the engine.
  • Fixed AI sometimes not loading after logging in.
  • Fixed issue where tamed AI would not correctly connect back to the owner if the owner alt F4’ed.
  • Fixed issue with AI being targetable while spawning even though they were hidden.
  • Fixed bug where an AI that accidentally spawned inside an object would appear in a different location.
  • Fixed issue with auto-stacking items in a house.
  • Toxai Task vendor now gives the correct reputation.
  • Portables no longer give resting bonus when you rest by them. (except Campfires)
  • Improved loading of house decorations.
  • Fixed issue with paying house upkeep not working as intended.
  • Improved vendor sessions to make them more secure.
  • Fixed issue with bosses that could not attack AFK players.
  • Fixed magic always fizzling when casting a new spell even when not charging.
  • Pressing the spacebar while swimming will now interrupt spell charging.
  • Fixed bug where your spells would sometimes fizzle when receiving a minor character weight update, due to spending stamina reserves, this was especially noticeable after receiving the ‘exhausted’ debuff.
  • Fixed bug where your spells would sometimes fizzle when receiving minimal damage from potions or food.
  • Fixed issue where houses would spawn at different heights.
  • Fixed a rare crash caused by exiting the game.
  • Tracking of troll kills should now work as intended.
  • Fixed some issues with mobs spawning in the Fabernum Tower.
  • Fixed issue with taming not canceling if you targeted something else.
  • The Vanquisher title should now work as intended.
  • Fixed description on various potions.
  • Fixed being unable to interact properly with houses that were not fully built.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the lootbag spawn animation to be wonky.
  • Fixed an issue with picking up house decorations with a full inventory.
  • Fixed being able to see through walls while using emotes in certain situations.
  • Fixed bug where if you feinted your melee swing when it was charged about 90% and started another swing it instantly swung again with full power.
  • Fixed bug with Mail causing the “return” button to not work.
  • Fixed bug where you did not drop spirit boxes when using the home priest button(this only happened when using the nearest priest button).
  • Fixed issues where poison damage did not always get mitigated by race & clade gift poison resistance passives.
  • Fixed decorations sometimes not loading after logging in.
  • Fixed players sometimes incorrectly displaying a ‘fully drawn bow’ animation while on horseback.
  • Fixed poison damage not always getting mitigated by race & clade gift poison resistance passives.
  • Fixed issue where sound would get muted when logging out to the main menu.
  • Fixed issue where areas defined for fishing, swimming, environmental damage and the like caused some of the systems not to register the player. Causing bugs like the player not swimming in water or not taking damage when intended.
  • Fixed issue with the dissolve effect not working for some characters (effect used when the body disappears after dying).
  • Fixed issue with some hidden objects in the ether world still being targetable.
  • Fixed bug where characters would sometimes get the archer animations instead of the unarmed ones.
  • Fixed bug where NPCs would look at another character even when there was no line of sight (looking at players through walls, etc).
  • Fixed bug where the clade gift fanfare would not play for the first clade gift level.
  • Fixed crash during shutdown of game related to cleanup of game systems.
  • Fixed bug where the trade UI would close due to movement, no matter if you were still within trading range.
  • Fixed hole in GK Spider cave boss room floor.
  • Fixed issue where screen would flicker black in some areas in the Colored Forest.
  • Fixed issue where you could not find rings when fishing.
  • Fixed various environment art issues found throughout Myrland.
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