Mortal Online 2

Patch Notes

May 30, 2022

Visit the Trade Brokers in any city and place an order to buy an item, or look through the list of requests others have placed and fulfil them for coin. Additionally, stop in at your nearest town to have your trinkets identified and their secrets revealed!


  • Trinkets.
  • Enchantment Cognoscente and Enchantment Supplies Vendors to all cities.
  • Buy orders via the trade broker.
  • Transmutation flux, obtainable in the etherworld.
  • New alchemy effects. You can now change your height, weight, and age with alchemy.
  • Several new points of interest


  • Slightly increased the chance of catching a legendary fish.
  • War Combatant debuff now lasts 2 minutes (was 5 minutes).
  • You can now make allies while at war.
  • You will now only get the War Combatant debuff if the target is not a criminal and if they are not local grey to you.


  • Fixed issue where you could get a murder count from killing guild war enemies.
  • Fixed being able to call for guards outside of cities.
  • Fixed some issues with war/ally.
  • Changing your age post character creation now correctly updates the respective attributes and their caps.
  • Fixed an animation hitch that happened when casting a spell for the first time or when switching and casting a different spell. The game would show a cancel/fizzle animation before playing the charge animation for the new spell.
  • Fixed an animation blend bug for players when they switched to/from sprinting causing the arms in combat mode to switch pose suddenly. This could be seen while using for example a sword and shield and it would look like the player would try to hold a two handed sword momentarily while starting or stopping a sprint.
  • Fixed being able to use gatherables in a way that allowed you to interact with things far away from you.
  • Healing players who are dueling using the /duel command will no longer flag you as local grey to whoever they were dueling with.
  • Reply(/r) will now switch to whisper and insert the name of the last whisperer you received a message from.
  • Fixed issues where alliance/war declarations/cancels could fail.
  • Fixed guild member GUI murder count being blocked by the scroll bar in large guilds.
  • Fixed issue with house access not working as intended.
  • Fixed typo on Cougar Meat (it said Panther Meat).
  • Veteran Bandit Casters now drop Veteran Bandit heads.
  • Fixed tax rounding error.
  • Fixed bug where you got resting bonuses from resting near placeable extractors.
  • Fixed bug where you could pick up spirit boxes and pickables when your inventory was full, which would remove them from the world but not give them to you.
  • Fixed tooltips in guild diplomacy UI.
  • Players banned from communication channels would see a warning message on login instead of remaining days.
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