Mortal Online 2

Hotfix Notes

March 13, 2023


  • New pickables have been added to shorelines.
  • Added Firmwood Berries as a gatherable resource.
  • Added 8 new keybindings, which you can use to more easily switch between the layers of your actionbars.


  • Significantly lowered Skill EXP required to level Elemental Propulsion.
  • All Beast Mastery abilities that have an AOE or cleave component require criminal actions to be turned on to be used. This is to help players not ‘accidentally’ hurt other players by mistake. Use these abilities at your own risk.
  • Redistributed the spells under Elemental Propulsion to span the skill range of 0 – 100.
  • The spells “Ignition”, “Torrent”, “Gale”, and “Stone” now have a range of 0-25 Elemental Propulsion.
  • The spells “Hailstone” and “Ember” now have a range of 25-50 Elemental Propulsion.
  • The spells “Sludge” and “Shock” now have a range of 50-75 Elemental Propulsion.
  • The spells “Dust Burst” and “Mending Vapors” now have a range of 75-100 Elemental Propulsion.
  • ”Fulminate Pouch” and “Burning Salts Pouch” have been removed from the Elementalist Desk vendors in order to prevent confusion. They have not been removed from Magic Vendors.
  • The gathering system for mining and woodcutting has been revamped to be much more straightforward, distributing the chances of obtaining rare resources between all rocks and trees.
  • The distribution of which rare resources can be found in different types of gatherable rocks and trees has been changed.
  • The clade gifts “Dendrologist”, “Stoneseer”, and “Geologist” no longer search for nodes with rare resources. They are given a 25% bonus to finding rare resources with their respective resource types instead.
  • The buy price of Rock Crystal Geodes and Rock Crystals have been changed.
  • Adjusted center of targeting for pickables to be further off the ground to make them easier to pick.
  • More guards have been added that will patrol around Morin Khur, Toxai, and Tindrem.
  • Risen Molvas have been flagged as a “combat” and a “mount” Risen categories. This means that you cannot have any other risen pet out with the Risen Molva.
  • Updated texture of Glimmercap mushrooms.
  • Purified Water was removed from vendors in


  • Players should no longer need to jump while using the Morin Khur northern staircase.
  • Fixed bug for action bars where ‘use’ functionality was checked during key release instead of key press.
  • Fixed a bug where Rotten Walkers and Sewer Rats would not play attack animations.
  • Fixed a bug where controlled undead would leash when told to attack a target while inside a house.
  • Fixed a bug where potion utilization leveled from eating instead of drinking potions.
  • When having a two handed weapon equipped and holding right click on a potion, you did not exit combat mode before trying to drink it causing you to receive a message saying “you need a free hand to do this” instead of drinking the potion.
  • Fixed a bug where AI getting too close to houses would accidentally end up inside them.
  • Fixed bug where you could equip armor on a pet which could not carry an item of that weight.
  • Fixed a bug where the potion drinking animation would get interrupted instantly.
  • Ignition’s VFX should no longer fire out of the caster’s groin.
  • Adjusted the spell Comet’s VFX to more accurately portray its collision.
  • The spell “Mending Vapors” will now properly level the skill Elemental Propulsion instead of Elementalism Spells.
  • Several art assets and tree/foliage were fixed, changed or removed.
  • Removed an old AI-stuck check that caused some AI to leash or move away in combat when they should not have.
  • Fixed a bug where your pet’s UI would show 0 or negative health when you logged in with pets out or when you pulled a pet from a stable.
  • Removed ability to eat lodestones.
  • Fixed description of “pitch” item, which incorrectly claimed it was made from rock oil.
  • Fixed an issue causing the reflect shield effect of the caster to trigger when casting projectile spells
  • Fixed an issue causing players to be disconnected from server while auto attacking in ether form.
  • Fixed an issue where you would be unable to level Propulsion up to 100.
  • Fixed an issue with the mailing system that could result in the player’s inventory becoming overfilled.
  • “The Gourmet” title was showing up as “Expert Cook”. This has been changed to be “The Gourmet”
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