Mortal Online 2

Hotfix Notes

December 23, 2022


  • Krampos now speaks!
  • Risen Molvas


  • All risen pets except the Tupilak now have a focus threshold of 1. This means they will do full damage without building any focus.
  • Stamina is no longer affected by heat. We will revisit this for Sprint 4.
  • Unstabled or traded pets now default to being passive.
  • Changed the way buffs show up in the UI to fix the issues with buffs not correctly showing.


  • Magic Reflect now correctly works against AI spells.
  • Celaeno taming range increased, this should fix the issue with dominating them.
  • Terror Bird sound now has better falloff, it should not be as loud.
  • Fixed odd attack behavior on all crabs.
  • Fixed issue with hit impact sounds not correctly changing depending on what armor you hit.
  • Removed random wait time for all focus attacks after the attack was completed.
  • You can no longer place horse equipment on Molvas.
  • Fixed issue where several buffs would show up with the incorrect time on clients.
  • Several typos were fixed.
  • Tweaked Raffle bag locations.
  • Fixed Celaeno meat not being extractable when butchering.
  • Pet messages are now exempt from spam filtering.

Known Issues

  • Risen Movlas have no raising animation.
  • The crafting preview window has a bright glare in some weathers or regions.
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