Mortal Online 2

Patch Notes 1.0.12

December 21, 2022

Greetings Mortals!


Today’s update brings with it everything that is listed under the Sprint 3 section of the roadmap. So without further ado, let’s get right into it!


The long awaited Beast Mastery skill is now available. Tamed creatures may now be controlled in ways previously not possible. Allowing skilled beastmasters to command their creatures with a myriad of new abilities. Many of which are unique to specific creatures. Take a look at the dedicated Beast Mastery section below for additional information!

A loyal steed is essential for every seasoned adventurer. However for those of you who wish to ride something more imposing, there is now an additional option. The Molva makes its debut in Mortal Online 2, ready to join you on your next journey across Nave!

And while you are trekking across the world, be sure to look up towards the sky. The new weather system arrives with this update, overhauling the look and feel of the weather across the entire continent.

Some quality of life features have also been added to the housing system. House owners may now demolish their houses in an easier manner, as well as transfer the ownership of their home to another player.

Last but not least, a familiar figure has decided to visit Tindrem. Be sure to get into the holiday spirit by paying them a visit!

There are many more additions, changes, and fixes in this patch. So as always, take a look below and let us know what you think! 


See you in Nave,

The Star Vault Team

Beast Mastery

Beast mastery has been added to the game.

Pets now have a new resource called focus. You can see your pet’s focus in the pet frame. Each pet has a focus threshold indicated by a white ring on the focus meter. If your pet’s focus is below the white ring the pet will deal less than full damage, once above the threshold the pet will deal full damage.

Pets gain focus by being in combat. If the tamer looks at the pet or what the pet is attacking,and stays close to it the pet will gain focus faster. Pets that are mounted will also gain focus. The amount of focus the pet gains is also impacted by the tamer’s Beast Mastery skill.

Almost every creature in the game that is tamed or dominated now has 4 pet skills that the tamer needs to trigger for the pet to use them in combat. These pet skills cost focus.

To trigger a pet skill drag it to the action bar and press the button shown on the action bar slot.
Pet skill has a minimum focus required, this is the amount of focus the pet must have built up to be able to use the pet skill. Each pet skill also has a focus cost, this is the amount of focus removed from the pet when the pet skill is triggered.

Some pet skills also have a target requirement, some require you to target the pet itself, some require you to target the pet’s current target etc. You can see these requirements, if there are any, in the tooltip for the pet skill. If you fail to target the required target the pet will lose the focus cost of the pet skill but will not trigger the skill.

Pet skills can be unlocked by leveling up or finding certain skills. If a pet skill is locked you should see what you need to do to unlock it by hovering the pet skill.

If you correctly target the pet skill and the pet has the required focus to trigger a skill the skill is queued on the pet. This means that the next attack the pet does will be the pet skill. Pet’s do not instantly trigger the pet skill, instead it will trigger once their current attack is finished. You can only queue one pet skill per pet.

All damage done by a tamed or dominated pet is now also scaled using the Beast Mastery skill.


  • Krampus is visiting Tindrem.
  • New weather system added.
  • New Beast mastery system added.
  • Added around 100 new AI attacks. These are used in Beast Mastery but normal AI can also use them.
  • Added around 50 new buffs and debuffs.
  • 47 new skills added.
  • The Molva has been added to the game.
  • You can now trade your building to another player using a button in the building settings UI.
  • You can now toggle ‘demolish mode’ for buildings using a button in the building settings UI. The building will continuously lose health every hour and be destroyed within a few hours. This may be canceled by hitting the demolish button once more to stop the process. Your upkeep attached to the house will be lost when the house is destroyed.


  • You now see buffs and debuffs that your target has on the target frame. Some buffs like Magic Reflect can only be seen on yourself and your pets.
  • All pets are now shown in the pet frame, not only mounts.
  • All pet command icons are now a combined icon with the pet’s portrait as the background.
  • Removed the default behavior that made several AI-attacks be reflected when the AI’s target had magic reflect.
  • Added better text feedback when your pet uses a specific attack on someone.
  • Buffs and debuffs now use a much smaller icon.
  • Improved tooltips and descriptions of AI commands that have been dragged to the hotbar.
  • Character body shape (clade, fat/fit, etc) is now cached in the animation state which improves animation thread performance by roughly 30% on humanoids (players, NPCs, Risars).
  • The mount will now come to a full stop before letting the player dismount. Previously the player could start the dismount animation while the mount was still slowing down.
  • Players can now cancel an ongoing dismount command while the mount is still moving by pressing W to accelerate again.
  • Veterinary skill is now a secondary skill under animal care.
  • Veterinary timers reduced to match player bandaging timers.
  • Improved Weather system effects.
  • Rebalanced pet carry weight, pets now have different max carry weight, and you can now see pet carry weight and max weight when opening their bags.
  • Mount stats have been adjusted
  • Friend list max size increased from 100 to 200.
  • Broker now shows the date the item was added.
  • Oghmir pipes can now be stacked up to 10.
  • New price values on many gem types.
  • Many creatures have been rebalanced for the addition of BM abilities.
  • Spear wielding Sators now also have Overhead and right attacks.
  • Artifact pieces are now added to various loot tables. The existing complete artifacts have been removed.
  • Trinket Amulet effect Beast influence has been replaced with Alchemy due to Beast influence being removed from the game.
  • Trinket Amulet effect Veterinary has been replaced with Bow crafting due to Veterinary being changed to a secondary skill.


  • Fixed rare server issues that could cause parts of the world to crash.
  • Fixed bug which caused you to never be able to cast spells until death or relog.
  • Fixed issue where the mount speed boost (double tap W) would throttle down after 10 seconds even when the boost had been canceled causing the mount to throttle down to a lower speed than intended.
  • Fixed issue with mount speed boost being canceled if the player double tapped W a second time after boost was active. Tapping W multiple times in a row should now ensure you end up in the boost state.
  • Fixed visual bug where it looked like you could add a stolen item to the trade window.
  • Fixed not being able to transfer items to a stack of items in a bag/pet if it was full.
  • Fixed not being able to fill the last slot in pet bags if the pet had armor equipped.
  • Fixed Human clade gift ‘Warcry’ would decrease outgoing magic damage instead of incoming.
  • Fixed an issue with Crab attack behaviors.
  • Fixed an issue with the eyes of Shoreprowers.
  • Fixed an issue with the Necromancer Boss that allowed you to kill him quicker than intended.
  • Several environment art fixes.
  • Several typos fixed.
  • Possible fix for the invisible gear issue. If this happens past this patch please report it!

Known Issues

  • Celaenos are meant to be dominatable, however there is an issue with the dominate prompt not appearing. This has been fixed for our next hotfix.
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