Mortal Online 2

Announcement: New Release Date

September 17, 2021

Greetings Mortals,



We are pleased to announce we will now be releasing on January 25th, 2022.


We have come so close to adding all the features and content that we were planning on including for the full release that we don’t see a reason to enter early access anymore.

We will simply release Mortal Online 2 on January 25th, with our heavily requested housing system in place along with a heavy dose of polish, bug fixes and extra content, bypassing the early access phase completely.


This news will undoubtedly come as a disappointment to many of you who were eagerly anticipating the previously upcoming October release, and we sympathise with these frustrations. We want nothing more than to show the world what Mortal Online 2 has to offer, but most importantly, we care about delivering the most content rich, stable and fun experience we possibly can, and we promise it will be worth the wait. 


If you just can’t wait to get your hands on the game however, the closed beta is still running and you can participate by donating on our website for a beta package, or via steam pre-order which will be available soon.


The beta will continue to run up until the release in January.

Note: A subscription is not required to play during the beta period. 



See you in Nave,


Star Vault Development Team

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