Mortal Online 2

Name Reservations Now Available

October 14, 2021

Greetings Mortals,

Conflux owners are now able to reserve a name to their account via the donations page on the Mortal Online website.

Name reservations are first come first serve, so those after a popular name better be quick! 

How to reserve a name:
1. Click here or navigate to the account page on the mortal online 2 website and log in
2. Navigate to the donations page by clicking “Donations” under “MO SHOP” in the left menu
3. Click the sign in to steam button and sign in with the steam account you want to link the name to
4. Enter your desired name in the box to reserve it
5. You’re all done! 
A significant number of people have been requesting to upgrade to the conflux package, so due to popular demand we are allowing anyone who has already donated for the standard game package to upgrade to the Conflux package by donating the difference to match. 

See you in nave,

Star Vault Development Team
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