Mortal Online 2

In Memory of GM Ahmose

September 28, 2022

We here at Star Vault are devastated to bring the unfortunate news that earlier this month we recently lost a beloved member of our team, GM Ahmose.

While members of our team worked with him personally and some of us spent many hours working with him, members of the community may not know much about who he was as a person. He is remembered fondly by everyone he worked with as a positive and humorous soul, uplifting spirits in every space he entered. He went out of his way to assist and cheer up others, offering advice and guiding others whenever he was able, and he never allowed circumstances to stop him from bringing a positive and comedic attitude to every conversation.

To us he was a trusted and hard-working teammate, an insightful mentor, and an optimistic soul that we are heartbroken to have to say goodbye to. He inspired loyalty and dedication in those around him, and his absence will always be felt. In sharing this post with the community he spent so much time with, we hope that he will never be forgotten.

Here are some quotes from the people who worked with him at Star Vault:

“I am not good with words, despite knowing Ahmose for 5 years, spending most of my free time with him on discord playing and since he trained me even all shifts. I do not know what to say about the man that would be fitting for this. He was always rather happy despite his circumstances, always looking forward for that next game to play. He was a great friend, co worker and fellow adventurer, he will be dearly missed.”

“I’m still in shock. Ahmose taught me. He had a sense of humor. I spent a good time with him; I recalling every moment with him, how hard he was breathing, how bad his snoring, he suffered a lot and finally he rested, last month he was hospitalized and I refused to replace him and said I’ll cover him to the last breath, and I did so with all pleasure, goodbye my friend, I’m sure you are in a better place.”

“I am sad to hear he has passed but in a way I am thankful he is no longer suffering. I’ve known Ahmose for most of my time as Lead Moderator and he was always making jokes, mostly about how to annoy LGM Discord.”

“I worked for years with Ahmose as a GM in MO1. I just checked my Skype history with him, and noticed that he was last active just a few days ago, and that his Skype status now said: “ad infinitum , et ultra” which I think translates to “to infinity and beyond””

“Although I only spoke to Ahmose a handful of times due to working in different areas, he was always in a happy mood and made whatever we were working on a pleasurable experience. I had no idea how bad his condition was until now, as he always presented a cheerful attitude. I am sad that I didn’t get to spend more time with him, and will remember the few good times we had.”

We here at Star Vault will always remember him fondly, and surely some of the long-time players who have interacted with him will as well.

The team is currently working to create a memorial for him in the game world that players may visit and pay their respects.

Cherish your loved ones,

The Star Vault Team

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