Mortal Online 2

Hotfix Notes – Siege Balance & Guild Defence Update

February 15, 2024

Territory Guild Defence Update

This hotfix comes with a rework to the Territory Control “Guild Defence” mechanics.

These changes are a significant step toward refining the sieging experience to where we want it to be, however there are more to come in the future.

  • Guild Defence bonuses are now tracked on individual Territory structures and player houses, instead of being global.
  • Inspecting a structure will now show its current defence in the UI.
  • Supply Lines now only provide guild defence to their connected keep and its walls.
  • Each structure or player house within range of a Supply Storehouse will now tick its individual defence bonus up over time, until reaching the maximum amount of defence applied from the Supply Storehouse.
  • When a Supply Line or Supply Storehouse is destroyed, the structures it was affecting will slowly tick their defence bonus down over time.

Buildables, Houses and Territory Control

  • NPCs in player built structures should now face the correct way.

Known Issues

  • Some parts of the landscape might turn invisible, but they’re still there. We’re waiting on Unreal Engine 5.4 to fix this.
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