Naming Policy

Updated 4th October 2022

Naming Policy

This Naming Policy applies to all nameable things in Mortal Online 2, such as characters, pets, houses, craftable items and guilds.

Names may not:

  • Be pure gibberish, obscene or vulgar, sexually explicit, pedophilic, anti-gay, ageist, sexist, ethnically, racially or sexually derogatory comments, or communication targeting any hostility toward a specific nationality, people, race, gender or religion.
  • Reflect, glorify or emulate any real-world group or organization such as terrorist groups, groups with criminal elements, discriminating organizations or their leaders and figureheads. This includes names of real-world military, political or religious groups.
  • Impersonate or parody any employee or representative of Mortal Online 2, Star Vault AB, Customer Support personnel or volunteers.
  • Impersonate another established player or guild
  • Contain Titles (Does not apply to Guild or Pet Names)

          Fantasy titles should be earned through the mechanics of the game

  • Contain advertising
  • Contain words that promote breaking our EULA or TOS such as “Cheater”, “SpeedHacker” etc


Player names may be deemed inappropriate at a GM’s discretion. If a name breaches this policy or is otherwise deemed inappropriate by Star Vault, you will be required to rename the named entity. In the case a player is found to have a name which violates this policy, a GM will change the players name to a placeholder and allow the player to choose a new name which does not breach the naming policy.  

This naming policy may be updated at any time.