Mortal Online 2

Free Month Expiration Details

January 5, 2024

Greetings Mortals,

Every purchase of Mortal Online II comes with one free month of game time before an active subscription is required to continue playing. This free month, along with the actual subscription months, is 30 days and does not account for months of varying lengths.

We recently announced that the free month started ticking on the 7th of December, however this was sadly incorrect and due to a timezone mix up.

After the last patch released on the 28th of November, due to some down time we compensated all players with 9 days of extra game time by resetting the date which the free month started ticking so it started on the 6th of December instead of the 28th of November.

Today the 5th of January is now 30 days later, so for those of you who logged in and started your free month on the 6th of December (and did not purchase the Supporter Pack or previous early game time packages), your free month has now ended.

When attempting to log in without an active subscription, you should see a button which will take you to the account page here on our website.

If the button is missing or does not work for you, you can go there directly here to see the different subscription packages.


We sincerily apologize for this mix up with the inaccurate date which was announced, and we will be compensating everyone who was affected with two days of additional game time once we have support for that hopefully soon.

 See you in Nave,

The Star Vault Team

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